There are approximately 200 chapters. Most were written and researched while in college from 1988 to 1998; I researched it by taking over 144 credits from different universities. They also span from childhood reading since age 8 and up (military science, weapons, martial arts, etc...) I have been getting ideas from people about doing a complete series; all at once. They start off with pure science and ends with a complete understanding of where this world is headed and two particular topics called economic sustainability and totality; then it introduces the reader to a new series of books on satellite warfare; the science and the art. Naturally, they call me the father of satellite warfare and I have put in over 20 years to this field of knowledge; perhaps the best in the world, but my readers will judge who is the best in their world. To get here; we have taken harsh punishments, suffered torture, was kidnapped, humiliated hourly, and had our life trashed and rewritten by no fault of our own. That is called terrorism. That is called war.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Analysis of The D-Day Invasion, Persian Gulf War Invasion, and Satellite or Hurricane Earthquake Forces

This will be the last and final chapter to our life and satellite warfare because we have an enemy who is throwing feces at us and impersonating us or our life; after they were caught and ordered to surrender. Keep in mind they have not surrendered and did not learn how to surrender or face justice; not yet. The mistakes they make stack up daily and the mistakes are not worth documenting anymore because it is just a barrage of mistakes repeated hourly or dignifies a very stupid degenerate who is hanging on for dear life, is scared to death, and is full of greed and crime. They are no longer human beings and it is questionable if they ever were; repugnant and disgusting human trash who starve in America for a good reason. This last chapter analyzes three major turning points in American military history; D-Day, The Persian Gulf War, and the introduction of satellite warfare.

Satellite warfare demands education and the genetics of a total human being. Today, the education rates in the regular army are horrendous. Compared to the officer ranks, the education of the officers are far greater than the education of the regular army; however, political demands and quotas has eviscerated the military ranks. Even worse, the education rates are far worse today then they have ever been in history; again the political problems and the control of the funding of military expenditures are constantly in the wrong hands and disbursed to political victors and not allied merits. Therefore, unless we are ready to terminate the entire military ranks or the way business is done; we are bombarded with problems that far exceed our pay ranks or capabilities. So long as we have an enemy, robust and thriving to join our ranks and sabotage our daily routines with all kinds of tricks, scams, and political folly; the nation will slip into the worst dark period and debt it will ever encounter. The military is there to fix the political system; when it is out of control and a problem. Until this military might is used on this problem; there is total gridlock.

Political trends have pillaged and wrecked the military into surrender. Understandably, the carnage and slaughter of war has a serious impact on soldiers and even worse, the public. When the see slaughter and high failure rates; their mind is trained to think in very negative terms. Therefore, commanders who pay victory in terms of blood and guts; impact the outcome of future generations. This was the lesson of World War I and II. The human toll and the advent of slaughter using new weapons; trained the public into a bunker mentality and a surrender to the enemy political necessity. Errors, failure, and costly death; indicate this process of negativity and the incapable reception of military might. During the cold war, the communist forces tried to capitalize on this valuable World War II lesson and it had devastating impact in Vietnam and the youth of the 1960s. Be prepared for what you will face and encounter as we have detected a conniving, sneaky, evil, criminal, and madness in the ranks. When the political system is out of control, evil, or has made a total mess out of the lives of the thriving and healthy; it is time to call the military and take care of business. This is the way it was meant to be; no other. We are in this period now and have been for the past twenty years.

Commanders who are the total package magnetize the poor, weak, and the worst. It is their image of Jesus and contaminates the entire process. Even worse is the left wing who cherry pick and complain about how they are hated or oppressed. In failure, we as humans will either find more failure or total victory; let this be total victory. Due to the sheer madness and criminality of politicians; they use the military as resistance or a social program to advance their political goals. Greed and corruption has eviscerated the ranks of the military. The military is not the last stop in society or there for those who fall between the cracks. It never has been. The military is not a political toy so that politicians can wear their best boots and pretend they are toy soldiers doing God's work. They are not. Similarly, there is a major difference between war and slaughter. Luckily, we have detected this and these leaders. What tends to be common sense, at times is totally absent; yet victory cannot be determined by human lives. The political system is not there to oversee when and if the military is out of control or needs a war; that is the job of the military when politics is out of control or a total failure. Due to the democratic forces and the power of evil; we are powerless to the tricks, scams, and the commotion of these politicians who have unleashed the gates of hell on us. The communist therefore used politics to take over the military and this is what we ran into and detected.

The military is not about religion. The military is not about representation. The military is not about being tough or macho. The military is not about being a bully or bully tactics. The military is not about citizenship or a placard to finalize a traitor or failure in society. The military is not there to be a government paycheck or be ridiculed by desperate political lackeys or social climbers. We have seen all of the above and much more. Therefore, security is not in numbers; victory with the least calculus and numbers is. This enemy we have or detected and trapped, is smaller but similar to the ones at Waco or Jonestown. They have to be eradicated before they cannibalize their own; a unified death wish or suicide by police execution. With a 10,000 count indictment on them, it is difficult to rule out some form of internment, prison, labor camp, or even a concentration camp to deal with the problem itself. They call it chaos. We call it justice. They walk delicate and carry a big stick; but so did we. They call it criticism and so do we. However, the gap between us and the middle ground grows bigger by the day and hour. This enemy we have detected is infused with the genetics of a criminal and sheer madness. What they understand and make comfort with is slaughter. No leader on earth will lead their men to victory with a penchant for criminal instincts or sheer madness. This devil like domestic pest does; and they are doomed by their flaws and their errors. Hence the odor of the worst in society has taken over the smell of the military itself. The public will react and be trained by this phenomenon; and in the worst manner possible.

We are in a fight on planet earth and this fight has cost many lives. Whether or not it is evil or crime; there is no distinguishing what the true problem is. Mere mortals and humans are doomed because they seek control. There are laws to control the competing interests but when we seek control of the flawed and genetics of the human race; we are doomed. The acts and the crime each side will dispense on the other is unspeakable. However, we have captured, trapped, and illustrated the depths of this evil and enemy on our soil by using our self as bait; not by choice either. We are forced to fight evil and are powerless to their ongoing attacks or hourly attacks. Their genetics is not human yet they seek control. They do not seek justice or the truth; if so, it is a lackluster or watered down version. They seek to mimic and clone us; a hate speech which confuses the world and angers those speaking honestly. Again, the military is not a toy or a tool the politicians and the left wing can screw up, tinker with, or turn on and off with funding gridlock. Those who made it this way should be punished severely and pushed to the gates of hell and left there to die. The military is also not a mechanism of welfare or there to provide welfare for those who lack education or opportunity. A military is a unit from society who embody the total package and the family name of, not those struggling or starving; but those who embody the best the nation can produce. We have an enemy and a rival who feels differently and has really screwed up our world.

With flaws and errors as how they do daily business; they seek to educate others on how to surrender or disgust them with slaughter. There is more to life and history than dead people. They seek control and power; even when dressing up or talking like us. Mimicking us not only proves they are stupid; it also proves they do not have a soul. Tricking the public means they pretend to have a soul but really are not human beings; what they are is unknown but we use terrorist and communists to describe the lack of justice, hourly attacks, scams, crime, and an overall total mess. Victory on earth is measured by how you get there, who gets there, and how many mistakes were made in between. In the end, the enemy or the loser is taught when and how to surrender; to history. We are history now. This is the ground we stand on, our life. It will be the ground the future stands on, where we were buried. Our life contains the final battles between good and evil; the free world and the communist forces; along with the history of satellite warfare and the introduction of it. The future will be standing on the ground we buried and made history. They must listen to our commands, advice, and warnings. For twenty years and back and forth it has been, "You F'in asshat" from us, and then from them we get, "We don't know what to do." This is how we were kidnapped to be their ringleader when they were silenced in the worst manner possible.

Evil and military power is taking a new form on planet earth. We have not only matched it; we beat it, but not in numbers. Their greed, errors, flaws and genetics compel them to seek control; however, truth and justice is far from over. This was their death sentence and capture. In seeking power, we are doomed also. In seeking control of our life, we were doomed. It comes down to truth, justice, and the American way; how many of them and how many of us are there on earth? They manipulate this number and so do we. It all comes down and ends with truth and justice; who is forgiven and who is never forgiven. Never forget and never forgive this repugnant enemy and demon like domestic pest. If it comes down to it, kill them before they kill you; even better, slaughter them until they learn the hard way. In war, it is kill or be killed. When you have an enemy who makes so many mistakes and is so evil; learn from those who have made history or are buried on the ground you stand on. That is and was history. We have devised the most clever and undefinable trap known to mankind and this enemy and evil will repeat and try their tricks; over and over. There is no end to them or this; it is in their genetics. They will face our pupils and our commanders in the future; will they match or beat what they have run into and met?

Keep in mind, as we always do; this enemy is watching and studying us. Strategy and planning must have a new level and an open end contingency to defeat an enemy who is mimicking or cloning our every action. Can we compare the allied invasion of D-Day and the Persian Gulf War to the future of satellite warfare and the invasion of evil and military forces who feel they are privy and justified to match or beat our current position? The answer is within them. The answer is contained and continued inside their genetics. The ending is not in our hands, it is in their hands. They will spin the truth. They will pretend to be us or clone us. They will try to steal everything from our schooling, to our career, to our life, and even our marriage. Again, the ending and the future is contained in their genetics and their lack of a human soul. Their instincts tell them to hunt, seek food and shelter, resist when possible; and stay out of the sight of enemy forces. What we seek is nothing to what they seek; but they claim it is the same or identical, beware. Society is weak to their tricks. Politics cannot match the voting of their genetics and rights. They seek power by invasion and scams. There is insufficient standards and security to combat this mean and menacing genetics. The market keeps on expanding to meet their needs or evil. Now our life is riddled by crime and corruption.

We have fought evil in the early days of satellite warfare. It has been over twenty years of combat and tremendous suffering with this domestic enemy. Their evil makes this a reality where they will resist our resistance or try to overpower us with their lack of a soul or human trash genetics. Be aware of how we do business and the imposters evil throws up; bombard our life with hourly. Be aware in numbers they seek security; but exposed and in the open, truth is justice is their weakness. We live in a world that seeks justice and wants a better life; not an enemy and they are evil in its purest form; genetics. If they ever achieve satellite or hurricane-earthquake levels; this world is doomed. But they are not up against typical commanders or whom they have studied in history; none whatsoever. They may know Generals from Washington to Eisenhower; but it is too late and we know the odds in this war and what cards they hold. Their goal now is to be identical and to pretend to be us; as if the coast is clear and the door is open to them. This is why they took us as prisoners or hostage and we are seeking damage before they are destroyed in the end. They have no intention of seeking truth or justice, none.

Whenever you review or replay an invasion force; you need to compare the plans and the strategy with prior invasions and the experience of those who wrote or coordinated them. D-Day and the Persian Gulf differed greatly. The number of casualties and the planning involved are stark differences. The number of errors and the human toll; was great but not to our side. The aggressors were confused and were forced to retreat, in so doing were killed. We only need two models to compare before drafting a third. There are two major amphibious and land invasions in the history of the US military, to serve as a practical learning guide. First is the D-Day invasion on June 06, 1944. Second is the four sided "square" invasion done by allied forces during the Persian Gulf War on February 23, 1991. Their goal is to evict us and force us to leave; by attrition and taking us hostage until a theft and defection is possible. They will use a terror plot, such as 911, to achieve this measly and ill-planned goal. We will bear in mind the human toll to get here and the loss involved with fighting and resisting evil in this world. In the end, the losers have no excuse or escape; none.

I know personally some of the paratroopers and officers who were in the Ranger commands; thus, during the Persian Gulf War at age 20; I was an intern and still in college. It was my first time getting practical experience on how to conduct this type of large scale and the burdens, pressure, and overwhelming worry that goes into them. Therefore, little research and little information gathering is needed twenty years later when comparing the D-Day (European invasion) invasion, V-Day (Japanese invasion), and the Persian Gulf War invasion.

My summary analysis, to be used by future commanders; indicates mistakes being made, lessons learned, and reconciliation with the past; however, corrections had been made and the lessons learned passed on. The mistakes of D-Day were not fatal; however, they complicated and reduced the success rate. By the luck of the draw and sheer determination, the D-Day invasion changed history and offered future commanders a model to review and draft future invasions. My analysis and corrections are as follows.

If we were in 1944 presently, my planning of D-Day would have 1) increased paratrooper forces by double the numbers. 2) delayed the beach landings by at least 2 days behind the paratroopers. 3) used mechanized forces to secure the beaches before introducing personnel or logistical support. Those major reforms would have allowed the synchronization of events and increased the total ammunition spent by the Nazi defense forces, while reducing the total ammunition spent by the allied forces. D-Day had therefore, weakness in the synchronization process and the casualty of pitched battle while the plans came together.

The first change or reform to the D-Day invasion, increasing the total number of paratrooper forces would have doubled the invasion behind enemy lines. By deploying them two days in advance of the landing, vital strategic roads and high value targets could have been taken and defended by the 101st and 82nd paratroopers. This vital step would have drawn the Nazi forces towards these vital points, clearing the beaches for the landing. Furthermore, this bait-draw tactic allows for mechanized or reinforcements from other parts of France to begin a tactical convoy towards the vital bridges and roads taken by the allies. Fighter units and bombing runs could have greatly decimated the Panzer and logistical defenses; further increasing the rate of collapse in the defenses. Without this rapid or lightning response, collapse was imminent. No invasion would take place until the Nazis moved first to a massive paratrooper landing.

The next or second reform made would be to delay the beach landings by at least 2 days. The 82nd and 101st are behind enemy lines and taking vital strongholds or bottlenecks. If the Nazis do not respond quickly; there will be a bottleneck. 48 hours is the window on how successful or quick the paratroopers can take these vital defenses. From that launching platform, they can set up a ground defense and hold off any advancing reinforcement and provide the need reconnaissance; draw in the Nazis who are forced to react quickly. Time is of an essence and the surprise of this strategy is full of mass confusion. This first move would have determined all other moves to follow.

The biggest gravitational result of D-Day was the human toll. Although successful and extremely risky; the use of mechanized and amphibious units could have been solely as cover and clearing prior to introducing ground forces who will have to make their way into Germany. Using lighting response, they must be fresh and ready for pitched combat into German controlled territory. Therefore, having a pitched battle at the sight of the landing aids little to battle fatigue. It would be best to launch all tanks and mechanized units onto the beach; use them as cover or provide necessary cover; and determine if heavy resistance remained on the beach when the 82nd and 101st had cut off all reinforcements and began the attrition hazards. Havoc was beginning and this window of opportunity was missed by heavy casualties in the early periods of the invasion. Furthermore, cut off from vital points; the only chance of success is to pull forces from the beach and have them attack the paratroopers from the rear; which was also a trap. Once that door opened, another door would open and the landing force can begin storming on the beach and set up hospitals, HQ, and move quicker.

Compared to the invasion of Kuwait and the four "square" attack posture; a defending invasion force crumbled within seven days or less. The advantage of the four square attack, designed by none other; is the 50% success rate in all four square locations. Evenly matched in forces; a commander has to make and place his forces in the exact location where he has to match the opposing force. In contrast to a two square attack, the opposition force may not be matched; thus, it is vulnerable to a blitzkrieg type of mechanical force. A two square attack can be spun in a 360 degree position much the same way a four square attack can; which gives the advantage of mobility. This same type of thinking could have been utilized in the D-Day planning by emphasizing the first invasion force, paratroopers; to determine how the subsequent mechanized force should operate the four square approach.

Therefore, the rate of success is 50% in the North-South; 50% in the East-West; or if a mistake is made, 100% in all four squares. It turned out to be 100% in all four squares because the confusion caused the commanders and ground forces to flee or retreat. If an enemy mimics or copies your plans, it is not a "four" square attack but has now become an "eight" square attack and one move opens double contingencies. An enemy who is flawed and full of gusto and errors; is incapable of operating on a two, four, or eight square theater. Those errors are clearly visible and known early on in the fight and it allows for the final preparation. When the confusion causes the enemy to maneuver; this is visible. One door opens many more; therefore, the first strike has to be the last one. When an enemy is full of gusto and errors; they will repeat the same mistake, or be forced to, and their inevitable end or fate is known.

Expecting this "Iron Curtain" or wall to invent a bottleneck or retreat. Surrender was not met and in the retreat; a method or exit was "provided." This method of retreat turned out to be where the Iraqi forces obtained the worst casualty rate while the allied forces suffered less than 100 personnel killed or wounded in the first week of combat. Using mechanized forces from east-west bases and forming a center sweep in the middle; the armor columns began to close in and sweep the southern Iraqi countryside. This was intentional and well planned because the option of turning north or south when the allies met in the center; with a column of logistic and cover; allowed another two prong attack plan to develop. At the last minute, it was decided the Kurds did not successfully give the allies enough ground to branch off a column and head towards the capital; therefore, they were ordered to meet the column or the curtain in the center, they did. Once they crossed that curtain, they were safe and had the cover of two tank columns north and south.

The retreat, was actually reinforcements. Had the capital dispatched its military to the center or the desert; they would have little chance of survival. They are best to stay in Baghdad and did. The retreat or collapse was a vital move and expected; collapse the troops and win back the capital whom were under attack. In the open desert, the last of the Iraqi forces would have been slaughtered. Instead, they made their trek to the "wall" or "iron curtain" by moving north from Kuwait; this meant they gave up Kuwait in order to sacrifice Baghdad. Picking up on this, we knew the objective was met immediately and took them out and prepared to head into Kuwait. It came down to losing Baghdad also. Eventually, pitched battle in the capital of Baghdad would have culminated in a retreat from Kuwait due to attrition plans. A plan was in force on the Republican Guards who took devastating shelling and bombing before they collapsed. In one week, they would have been depleted and were cut off but well dug in and entrenched. Therefore, in one month, the Republican Guards would have been decimated.

Allied or Kuwaiti retreat. If the decision was made to fight in Kuwait by the Iraqi forces; a retreat was ready on the coast to evacuate the Kuwait population until the fighting was finished or cleared. The civilian population and the use of human shields complicated the allied invasion. Therefore, the deception of an amphibious landing meant that had the Iraqis kept their stronghold and expanded; a civilian retreat was in order and to evacuate while massive bombing and ground forces swept and trapped the remaining rebels. Without logistics this could not last more than several weeks. However, severe civilian loss was not acceptable and a plan to evacuate was in order but never utilized. By giving up Kuwait in the first few days; the Iraqi military signaled they did not have the men or the power to face Baghdad falling. With their army scattered, it was inevitable death for VIPs and military officers. By collapsing on Iraq, they signaled Kuwait was not worth the risk; thus, the wall or iron curtain strategy was allowed to see it's full fruition. As the Iraqi forces made quick moves to the center of Iraq; exits were provided and they were taken out before they were even allowed to get to the battlefield. The tank column in the wall sat there and it was a bridge east-west while decisions were made. They did not move north or south; eventually they moved south. Most if not all units in Kuwait or the southern portion of the country, fled only to meet the wall or a trap in between.

A war can be quick and simple; or it can be long and hell. We will meet satellite forces and evil again on earth; however, we have shown who they are and what measures they will go to in the early days and when this began. In 365 days, had the allied forces just sat there; Kuwait would have been liberated by attrition. With no civilians there was no way to survive off the people or the land. In war their are sacrifices; these are heavy sacrifices on the victors. Those defeated have no escape or excuses. Similar to our own predicament; evil can always dress up like us, be on our side, and claim to be the victors at tremendous tolls and human loss. This was our diary and what we describe as an inside job by master moles. They question everything in the world because they belong on no side or within the human race; our diary and history illustrate this. It was much easier than described because we have evil and clandestine enemy forces confused or blinded; thus, they repeat mistakes hourly and daily. Eventually, a written record will surface and documents will prove their delicate manipulation and errors. They will not strike until it is fatal or inescapable; however, when trapped, they repeated the same mistake hourly and daily. They stuck to their story or winning strategy and it crumbled by the day.

Therefore, this type of invasion plan was more complex and more simpler deployed in the Persian Gulf War than in the D-Day invasion. The allies did too much of the work and did not need to. Similar to the Persian Gulf, let time work it out and let the aggressor do the work. It can only get worse for them and they can only trap themselves in a trap; make sure that trap is fool-proof. Once in the trap, there is no way out and collapse is a waiting game. This is also how SATWAR forces operate and how, with minimal work and personnel; major victories and goals are accomplished. When an enemy is in a trap; they must make vital decisions. Those decisions open more doors and it can only get worse for the loser and the inferior force. A well planned and highly minimal risk plan; exhausts an enemy far beyond their reaches and capabilities; do not fall for their traps or tricks. There are imposters and there are saboteurs, do not fall weak to them or fall for their political tricks, they dominate that domain. There is a standard we operate on and a truth level we operate at; not ignorance, flaws, and errors of an ape out of control or a retard army which seeks to shut us up or shut us down for the hell they impose on mankind. Be aware they are everywhere and they question all we are about; typically by attacking or holding us hostage and prisoner. We succumbed to their vicious evil early on and throughout our career; do not make this same mistake or let it carry on so long; however, let it illustrate their capacity for evil and who they truly are, their true colors.

Future satellite forces or hurricane and earthquake forces can learn from this exercise or experience. Nothing can compare to a well orchestrated and thought out plan, nothing. The above shows two of the biggest invasion and attack plans ever in the history of mankind. They illustrate the success, hardships, and cost of each type of plan. History was written and at a huge cost; we honor the fallen and we stand on the ground they were buried on. However, there is a better way to fight evil and to seek justice and to eradicate our nemesis and power seeking pests in this world. We have entered a new age where our enemies lack thinking power or capabilities; but are obsessed with being God and controlling our life. They steal our work and lives. They sabotage and ruin our illustrious careers. We have taken that ground back and you are reading the diary of war and battle with them. Learn from the people who worried and had to perform these tasks or difficulties. Lean on their suffering and their ultimate sacrifices. Do not let this enemy and pest have one foot or one inch of ground; take back what they have taken over and push them to the gates of hell where they belong; then shut that door forever. You will read our diary and our combat experience; they will come back with a new identity and new lies; as the devil and evil typically does. Match them and beat them, to the edge of hell; but never join them or allow them to join our ranks.

If the office of hurricane and earthquake is out there and reading this briefing; understand this is how SATWAR or satellite forces operate. Their theatre is identical to or very similar to ground forces; however, the minimal personnel is needed for the maximum goals. Mission success is based on security and what the enemy knows. What they know can be fatal and what they do not know can be deadly. Get them in this situation and complexity and they will crumble overnight. No force on earth can match, and it has been tested thoroughly; or beat the singular value of a mutually assured destruction plan well coordinated and deployed on this level. It all comes down to the first and last strike being one in the same. If the confusion of this lands the enemy into a posture of confidence or mistakes; they will crumble fast and quickly. You will know how quick they crumble and how many mistakes; how they operate. In a square attack, four corners, each corner has a 50% success given that only two sides are your actual attack zone. You either attack north or south, east or west, or chose two; not four. When your advantage is clear, collapse and merge into one or two; with 100% success and minimal casualty.

We have written the book on satellites and war, called SATWAR, and everything below it. This field was pioneered by the designer and inventor of it throughout his career and the past 23 years. There are perils, dangers, and many opposition forces out there. There are also many losers and we are amassing a pool of very disgruntled fools and degenerates to fill our collection in history. With satellite technology, we live in a more dangerous and evil world where the weakest and most awful; can seek control and resist our resistance in a manner nobody has ever witnessed; but now. We have illustrated and documented the first combat and war with their forces; what they did and how they did it; also their defeat and human suffering. In twenty years, they have yet to let up one second in life and will continue this on earth for sometime; when earth is free of them and when earth is not resisting them; than all of us will be free and peace will be returned.

The impact of being a prisoner at age 20, being a hostage for almost twenty years, back and forth bickering, facing attacks and tricks daily and hourly, and being under watch or surveillance 24 hours a day; was devastating and also crucial to this victory. It shows who we are dealing with and who they truly are; not even a human being anymore. The impact to our psyche after twenty years of attacks and attempts to control our life was also devastating; maybe this victory will balance out the internal chaos and emotions. Seeking 1.6 billion in damages and torturing them as they come out of hiding and are trapped by the police was worth every single second of this. Imagine walking down the street and getting clobbered over the head and waking up in this nightmare; that is our story. This was how it ended. It also became our biography and legend; not just words but the medals to prove it.

The story of satellite warfare was not invented so we could test it or let it be used by evil or greedy politicians. We were also labeled as having a wild imagination, degenerates, failures, felons, and more. Because these terrorists kidnapped us, forced demands on us, and remained hidden; they insisted we are ringleaders or their God. This was our life and our mission; only we could mess this up, not them. It was our trip into the cave and dragging this enemy out kicking and screaming. It was how we wrote history and also rewrote history; our life. Two people rewrote their life and saved themselves. Furthermore, it is documented and the enemy is speechless and has been quieted; hence, the code of silence and conspiracy. The operative word is a traitor and the most vile act of treason this world has ever seen or recorded. This is how they choose to finish the remainder of their life; hanging on for dear life and a state of being scared to death. Before that, they also faced the sting and torture of the court of public opinion; which nearly induced a heart attack. Our treatment was far worse and we were not even guilty, traitors, or saboteurs. We were traitors to them and we are enemies to them; but they question and criticize everything and anybody around them or in their world of flaws and failure.

This was only a story of two human beings; a man and a woman, that was all. Do not be fooled by imitators or impostors. These books and documents have been authorized, verified, authenticated, and contain the authority for all further wars and victories. The power they contain is immense; from only two personnel and human lives. With a salary of $400 a month, we should have fallen to this enemy a long time ago; but did not. It was a trap for them and this is how it ended. Everything in our life from health, looks, marriage, family, etc... was either strained or destroyed by this menace and evil. Regardless, we remain the victors and they must pay the damages. An indictment of almost 10,000 felony counts has been created and they are ordered to surrender; yet they ignored the deadlines and remain on the attack while trolling our lives. How long can they ignore America and the truth? They are starving already, how long can they hold out or rob us until they perish of hunger or retaliation? We are in their trap and were clever enough to notice the neck brace, leg brace, and the numbers of manipulative lawyers they recruited to win this war. It was very taxing on our life; but they have ignored every single warning and indicator. There is no other fate available for them; only one. We did not mess this up and this proves it; they did. Remember, victory on earth is measured by how you get there, who gets there, and how many mistakes were made in between. In the end, the enemy or the loser is taught when and how to surrender; to history. We are history now. This is the ground we stand on, our life. It will be the ground the future stands on, where we were buried.

Our salary in the past twenty years, was $400 a month; there is a record from the Pentagon to prove this and tax documents. We did not have a choice in this matter but watching them get tortured, suffer, and destroyed was far beyond the joy of marriage, having a baby, or even winning a lottery. Furthermore, it did not take a contingency of a million or even 300 men; it took one man and one woman working diligently for twenty years to get here and now. The future is written, now it is time to dispose of this enemy or lock them up. How this will turn out is inherent in their genetics; what they will do and how they will criticize or question the world they live in. We wrote it and they just cannot take it upon themselves to accept the truth or embrace justice and the American way. It helps to be human and it helps to be royals. It would help if they were no full of lies, deceit, and errors; but it is too late for them or for their utter tricks and lies. Their goal is to evict us and force us to leave; by attrition and taking us hostage until a theft and defection is possible. They will use a terror plot, such as 911, to achieve this measly and ill-planned goal. The result and impact is much more devastating than it sounds because we had a very vicious and stupid enemy who was apprehensive to strike unless it was fatal or inescapable. They repeat mistakes otherwise. As they were trapped in 2008, mistakes repeated hourly and daily. They stuck to their story or winning strategy and it crumbled by the day. We did not and never messed up the history of satellite warfare or hurricane and earthquake duties; this proves it.

Original Excerpts from the Nuremberg Trials, 1944: "Stimson believed the German War criminals should be dealt with only by trial before an international tribunal. Stimson's view was that to punish these men after trial would stand better in history; moreover, that this process would develop a record of Nazi criminality which would stand in history... (The laws of God and man have been violated and the guilty must not go unpunished. " - Harry S. Truman, Nuremberg Trial - ) The four major powers developed an agreement for the trial of the major... This should be a real trial not a show trial, not a Stalin trial. A real trial, this meant the real possibility of acquitting the defendant if the evidence did not show guilt... There were thousands of foot soldiers... but what what about the top leaders... How do you convict them. None of them shot the bank guard, drove the get away car, or blew the safe. Their hands are clean... there was no body of law, no courthouses; the instruments of trying a drunk driver in any parts of the United States were more complete than for trying mass murderers in Europe at the end of World War II. So they started from scratch. A lawyer in the War Department was given the task of devising some form of philosophy for this trial. ...The conspiracy theory, the whole Nazi movement was not a legitimate political movement, it was a criminal conspiracy designed to seize the territories of... neighbors, steal from these nation's their wealth and their people, and to exterminate their Jews. This conspiracy theory meant that buy being a part of the Nazi leadership, you were being part of a criminal conspiracy, and it was a net that held these people. ...It was agreed that three major types of crimes would be charged against these individuals. The first was the crime of waging aggressive war. The second was ordinary war crimes and the third was crimes against humanity in the course of the war. Included were the instruments of repression and oppression. This meant 100s of thousands whose brown-shirts numbered in the 4.5 million."

"...A duel to the death between all that is worthwhile in civilization and the last surviving protagonist of all that is evil. ...the wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish, have been so calculated, so malignant and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate them being ignored because it cannot survive them being repeated. ...One of the things we associate with the German character is an orderliness, a fastidious approach towards record keeping in particularly. The thump of a rubber stamp was a Teutonic sound. During the trial this part of their character showed. There were crates of documents describing everything they did. ...Had announced that the only way to solve the space problem was by force but the only question was when and how. From that secret meeting on, Hitler continued to plot his eventual assault on Europe...'It is my unalterable decision to squash... it is the job of the political leaders to bring about militarily and politically the suitable moment.' ...Were subjected to secret merciless threats of annihilation to make their fall appear a desire from within... The prosecution traced back the carefully forged chain of criminal moves; the trumped up evidence of... naked aggression and provable by a trail of evidence... will make a proposal for mediation."

"How the men in the dark had cynically, murderously, pushed an entire world towards devastation... pure terror at its roots... people would disappear without trial or charge... never declared war under international rules but struck without warning and always against the signed assurances of treaties... would always try to rob defendants of a complete defense... the champion of Nazi evil... want to see how you make things run... wept openly at the Fuhrer's death but there was no emotion in him... an engineer and an architect who knew how to think through a problem in a very analytical way, and he really thought through what would work best at Nuremberg and he read that court very well. They didn't want anymore excuses, they didn't want alibis, they wanted to hear a Nazi get up and say 'we are sorry, we did terrible things to mankind and we left a terrible stain' and this in effect was the attitude he took in his own defense. ...Churchill made his bombshell Iron Curtain speech in Fulton, Missouri; effectively launching the Cold War. ...This is what the Nazi defendants figured would happen all along, that at some point the West would wake up to fact the Germans were not their real enemies but the communist were their real enemies. When Churchill made that speech it seemed to confirm all of their convictions and at this point they really thought they could not be convicted, they would not be condemned, or executed. ...Nuremberg stands firmly with the resignation of man against the inhumanity of man. ...The really most important thing that was achieved at Nuremberg, was not the conviction of these men, not the sentences of both, but the determination for history that waging aggressive war is a crime."

This was a very deranged and troubled human being who could not do anything right in life and felt; in this same failure, to be the police of the world. In addition to a failed recruitment and constant stalking; there was a crack legal team who was willing to commit the act of murder if they could pin or obtain a judgment against us. Their hope was we would be so infuriated, so enraged, and so molested; we would naturally slip into being evil, cruel, hateful, and Nazis like them. Somehow our treatment resembled or was identical to the Nazi leadership, a mock or show trial we barely noticed. Yet we were so set in being normal human beings; no trick worked properly or got anywhere; furthermore, we were conscious and aware during the entire ordeal which has not ended still. It worked on them and each other merely because they lacked education, did not have the genetics of champions, were full of myth and flaws, were constantly blinded by a lack of instincts, and human failures. They even treated us as if we were slaves, Jews, and blacks who underwent mistreatment or severe hatred. In giving them respect or accommodating them; we became wedded to this fiasco; we gave them the right to come and go as they pleased or take as they needed. They kept insisting we impersonate or follow their mindful leadership. Who in their right mind would? Even after the 1960s, they are still a no good dirt-bag or lackey trying to make it in America. Who would knock on their door and for twenty years? If so, for what reason? Humiliation? Hurt? Anguish? Desperation? Mortal Danger? Torment? Healthy people do not wage war on others for no reason. Furthermore, victors do not give four year trials or delay execution even if it was naked aggression. People who are mentally ill or incapable of working; cannot be writing history with absolute precision or understanding.

Similar to the Nazis and the communists, propaganda was a valuable tool. It deepens with time and depends on where your sympathies lie. Their failure, flaws, and lies gravitated to communism and Nazism; we were just normal healthy people, which all the credentials to prove this. They have no credentials whatsoever, none. We were not their ticket either. Again, they could do no wrong and their crack legal team treated us this way for almost a full twenty years; with absolute cruelty and condescension. Even if we were honor students, varsity athletes, and pioneers in the satellite warfare development; we were criminals in their eyes and inferior in their minds. Yet they needed us because in order to become God or act as God; this obsessed criminal had to explore where we are headed and who was there. They knew it was bad news but not this bad. Towards the end, they changed their story to helping and wanting to "give us gifts." It was no longer a murder plot or kidnapping for some form of ransom. Now it was a failed effort to help us or bribe us with gifts. Shall we consider the American justice system the executioner of the 1960s movement or the work of the Jews and blacks; a Nazi antagonist to cruel and elusive to prosecute? Now our curse is having to share our freedom and treasures with troubled people or those we do not know what to do with. This was beyond a gross injustice committed by the 1960s leftists looking for a new identity and cause. Remember, when this enemy attacks; we are forced to pick a side. This is of vital importance. This game of theirs and government operatives, to be missed and respected; is heavily against them now. This order to leave or be fired, has failed on a scale they could not have imagined. Go ahead and start a war in the Middle East.

The American system of justice has now added another victim to their list of felons; this time one of the most powerful man on earth whom is married to one of the most influential and powerful women in America. How did this happen? Did this story get this way on its own or were there operatives who sought to write over all of history? Poor and destitute they forgot the element of being funded or the position of luxuries. They were also blamed for nearly blowing up the most important military invention and program in the history of the United States or the world. The constant pressure was not right wing; it was purely left wing and from imposters. They were out of money and ideas; if this failed then it was the end. They were convinced if they took on a new identity; things would be different. They convinced each other they were worthy, victims, and heroes; yet nobody believed them or respected their wounds. In any other country or period of time, they would be executed by now; yet they seek moral judgment on their own life and ours. This is a warped indication of victimhood or victimization. Have the chickens come home to roost or have they been made to eat their own handiwork? Has our nation because a Nazi machine where blacks and Jews are forgotten and not respected? Or instead, should we celebrate it and emphasize what real justice truly is? How did these people get in our life and why did we wake up in a nightmare one morning? All of these attacks benefits one particular group and we got to see them in action many times already; boasting or showboating a whimsical parade. They will not be missed by any nation who stands for the truth and justice.

These people were the radical head and body of the 1960s. Hence, they took another shape and form to dispose of what they had become or evolved into. This is the culmination of the same 1960s and where it led; a major deception to society and the world. When they ran out of fight, they decided to obtain a new identity and a new cause. To do this, they had to steal it or form a head and body nobody would be suspicious about or question. Their choice was a man and woman; two of the hardest political foes on earth with all the cunning, intellect, and power they would expect from not one but four armies. This is also how they were captured, cornered, and exposed publicly. They even tried to contact us clandestinely during the trial and keep this utter confusion ongoing; also to lie to us daily. Twenty years after the 1960s; their back was against the wall and their movement was facing a ghetto or severe poverty. Meanwhile, other ethnic groups and races accelerated to become the new elites and the new millionaires while they struggled to find an identity. This is where the pressure and this monster was born. In the greatest moment of our history, they turn out to be nothing like the history books indicate about them, nothing. We are allowed in fine detail, a close study of how and why they are who they are and how history has defined their role in the America's and the world. Even under oppression or freedom; they still have not made much of their life and continue to ruin any further prospect of such. If they live for the past, then they need to be very worried about their future and what impact they cause to it. They will be missed. They should step down or end this charade; just leave.

These were repressed memories they never shared with the public and it was time they demand praise and respect. This is what they seek if it meant murder, terror plots, and much more. This was their end and last opus; if this does not work, then nothing will short of all out war. They still cannot figure out what went wrong or where they went wrong; how did they fail? They also feel the pain they feel now is enough punishment; no longer heroes or victims. We did this to them! We are to blame for all of this! The Nazis keep perfect records; these were radical blacks and Jews looking for a new identity and a new cause. They wound up admiring us so much they impersonated us or tried in the end. We would never impersonate or consider such a thing. Has America stripped these people of their dignity or respect? If so, who is to judge? The record shows their inability to do anything right or come up with any right answers. The record does show they are nearly perfect when it comes to crime, robbery, and murder. The United States got a wave of rape, murder, serial killers, kidnappings, mass murder, and all the accoutrements of a copy-cat or revenge killer. This serial killer and psychotic spy had one thing on their mind, humiliation and victory. This is how they acted out their criticism and questioned society or everything around them. They are silent and keep a code of silence; yet the motivation of these Nazis, who were primarily blacks and Jews; were greed, power, money, and most of all jobs or opportunity. Must we live and share freedom with these type of people; no less let this go unpunished?

Crime has become an industry in America. A criminal and murder spree created jobs and boosted or increased their chances of survival where before nobody cared or wanted to help them. The public was fed up and knew who they were already. Most of them had felony records or a history of drugs and crime, most teenagers did but not on the level of these people. They took it much more serious and it was a death wish. The prospect and public humiliation compelled them to devise multiple scams to lure money and people into peril and their ultimate collapse. The left wing faces the same charges and impersonated the Nazis in order to boost their morale and social standing; they also ran out of money and funding. They had convinced themselves they were not evil, not giving up, and everybody was the problem. They questioned everything around them and everybody due to this peril and steep downgrade they were facing. In their minds, they were victims and the heroes of World War II; unspeakable horrors people did not know or care about. In the mind of others, they were monsters and if running like hell was going to help, now was the time. Who had put a curse our life and this nation, an identical fingerprint we saw them commit? They could not fool everybody; but they nearly did. These attacks were orchestrated so that we would chose or pick a side; a chosen target. When we do not choose the right side or cooperate, meet a demand; the attacks come in waves or is repeated over and over endlessly.

If it was humility they sought, then it was humility they got. If it was respect and dignity they sought, then it was humility and dignity they got. If it was ruin and death they sought, then the ending has not been written. We know it revolves around violence and crime; also our justice system. Perhaps it was malnourishment. Perhaps it was a lack of family structure. Perhaps it was jealousy and watching others achieve so much and participate beyond the scope of their wildest imaginations. Perhaps it was what they saw on TV or read in books about World War II. They wanted people to leave. They had a list of the VIPs. They decided history. They did the evictions, nobody else. In the mind of the 1960s crowd and the radical communists; they were victims and heroes. This was all they had or ever known. Again, it is a crack legal team and the Democratic Party behind this. Meanwhile, they had penetrated and formed a criminal organization on the right wing to act as a labor union above the right wing itself; a control measure that took orders from the communist left. Is this what our justice system has turned into, or only a few bad actors? From the start, you knew this would be a very bad ending and it was going to be even more horrific for the losers or those caught in the trap. If they play their cards right, they need not worry. They fear the truth and they are afraid of justice. Their talents are not respected; it was invented by the devil and only serves political crime. We have the proof to show them.

The reaction to our refusal and disdain for them is what we document; however, they were indirectly behind 911 and the ministry of propaganda; similar to the Nuremberg Trials, is whom we questioned and interrogated. The actual leaders are condemned to suicide and we know we will never be able to bring them to trial. World War II and the history of killing Jews or enemy combatants; has warped their thinking. The act of killing Jews or opposing Jews; was now probable cause. This opportunity, in the hands of a diabolical maniac and serial killer, is how this began. The act of killing Jews also meant terrorism, Arabs, and opportunity for this bunch of radical criminals looking for a new identity and cause. Terrorism fit their pocketbooks and their history in America. Therefore, they traded places and switched roles; an opportunity for both to impersonate each other. This was not the act of healthy people and this story could not fit perfect with the suspects. This was opportunity for a criminal group to seek a new identity and a new cause; to pressure or take prisoner healthy people or destroy them. The blacks and the Jews are not healthy people and have not been since the late 1960s. In some sick way, this almost worked and it almost gave them life, liberty, and happiness. All of them saw nothing in this and not one single suspect; above it all. Will they do it again or try? Again, when we do not choose the right side or meet a demand; the attacks are repeated endlessly, sometimes nonstop twenty four hours long.

Our undercover work and twenty years of battling them gave us an inside look at how they operated, who they were, and want they were seeking to achieve. It also gave us a chance to document our life, introduce satellite warfare, write to hurricane-earthquake and office forces, and determine if we had any life or private life remaining. We had no sympathies or evil in us when this began twenty years ago. After twenty years we had no sympathies and sought the death penalty for each and everyone of them; some say that is evil. Nothing they ever did or said made any sense; but when it came to crime, murder, lying, cunning, terror plots, illegal bombing, kidnapping, and rape; they were nearly perfect and showed genius. Violence and hurting others is their genetics and where their genius was; butchery. Their actual talent is in resisting us and utilizing crime as a weapon of terror and molesting valuable targets. We were inferior in this category; helpless and powerless. None of the suspects were of any help. Worse, their level of narcissism put them so above this bickering or useless opportunity. Unlike the Nazis, this bunch did not keep any records or had any followers; they had to remain hidden if they were going to get away with this. After the 1960s, this same bunch are still no damn good and struggling. Has our nation become inhuman to the work or the plight of the radical leftists of the 1960s or do they face a death sentence? Why hide this naked aggression and daily naked crime? Are they cherished or victims of some inhumanity? To this day we have not chosen or cooperated with their questions and answers; and hence, the record is as we indicate. If they play their cards right, which we know they are incapable of, they need not worry for the next thirty years on earth.

Clearly, the inhumanity of these people are already known. They are viewed with great mystery and also hate. Their civil rights have always been in question and scrutinized. Their freedom a constant doubt in everybody's mind due to either violence or fear. They question authority and everything in their world; except who they are and why they are never healthy. This is how it began twenty years ago and how it took a head of its own. They need a new identity if they will make it or ever gain respect and dignity. Without dignity and respect, welfare will fade away and so will our long lasting, beloved beggar. With all of this authority and power, are they really near extinction? How terrible of a world we could be in if this ever occurred. Yet with this prospect; not one rubber stamp or Teutonic record to indicate Nazism. It was an impersonator and a copy-cat criminal group with nearly zero intelligence. Had this been wartime Europe, they would be dead by now with or without total silence. Yet in America, they abuse their rights while violating the worst of crimes. But they want people to respect their history and their sympathies? Do we give them death as they are asking or some reward a beggar can never obtain? This is why they are quiet or do not keep records, it is the truth. This is why they are so above it and show a total lack of care. If one day we woke up and America fell to attack or invasion by these odd people; we now know how they would react or what they would do. If our future was in jeopardy or the future of the world, we know who we are dealing with. If it came down to America falling to an enemy; we know who they are, regardless of the side or the naked aggressor. Why they are here and in our life, is the biggest mystery of all; maybe for crime or to join a criminal organization? This game of death and being missed, is heavily in our favor now.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The World of a Rapist and Sexual Offender: by the author of Satellite Warfare and Sustainable Economics.

Sexual predators operate in a secretive manner. They feed on and utilize trust as their main propulsion system to gain access or to obtain trust in day to day activity where the vulnerable and the weak are prey. It is no surprise why they refuse to fight or show violent tendencies; however, when isolated with a vulnerable person they show a different side to their personality. Trust can be established day to day utilizing bullying tactics. Those bully tactics give a semblance of power and order; two other primary sources of quality characteristics the sexual offender duplicates. Anybody who preys on the weak, vulnerable, or those under the guardianship of adults; is not looking for a fight or not expecting a victim to resist; they seek to replace the parent structure or manipulate the support of the target, a highly desired person. Their attitude while it may be the most sensitive and relaxed; is far from this calmness. It is the attitude of the sexual offender that lies, cheats, and tries to bully their way into or out of situations. Therefore, a system or environmental supports allow the sexual predator to climb the ladder or open doors in life; to win the trust of others and to hide a perverse secret they do not know how to tame.

Essentially, the world of a sexual predator is a web of deception. The goal is not money, career, or otherwise rewards which are high assets or proven to be a measure of success. Instead, this web of deception feeds on trust and seeks access. Similar to a robber, the sexual offender seeks out a victim; someone vulnerable, full of riches, and has that reward they so desperately need to continue this web of deception. The purpose of this web of deceit is to reinforce an image problem. When one person is asked who or what kind of person the sexual predator is; they may get varying degrees of opinions or altered observations. This web of deception is geared towards an image of an honest or decent person who fell through the cracks or has a few problems. By forming this web of deception, the environmental factors are there to allow the sexual predator to advance or conquerors their prey. In the eyes of others they appear pretty or attractive. In the eyes of their conscience, they overcame a tremendous obstacle in life.

As pervasive as a sexual offender may appear; the bottom of their character exists on the inability to tell the truth. This web of deception, similar to a ruse or scam; is designed to lure in and hook unsuspecting people who are not aware of who they have in front of them or why that person is acting the way they do. They are defeated by life or society. They were not good enough to join the athletic teams or drama clubs as they choose. They did not obtain the requirements others had while in school. Somehow or for some reason, their image is impacted and their secret life seeks to restore or reinstate a dark and bizarre character that enjoys bothering, pestering, bullying, winning over, or a cat and mouse game that allows them to breed or stay. Essentially, the web of deception is to grow or to seek progress. The truth is what will deny or prevent this progress and growth from occurring. The ability to exploit the kindness of others or conceal a bad attitude begins to signal suspicions and even cause the insightful observer to question why things are so out of place. They are out of place because the web of deception has moved the pieces to their liking.

Violence is a gigantic weapon in the arsenal of the sexual offender. Violence is viewed by society with severe impunity. The ability to get along with others or the ability to coexist with peers is vital to a successful life. However, a sex offender will question or challenge these bedrocks and try to break down the inhibitions which prevent normal or good people from going stray or turning bad. By stalking or casing a victim; a sexual offender will try to win trust and break down these inhibitions. Similar to alcohol or drugs, once the influence of a controlled substance is in the bloodstream of a human being, it impacts and alters their state of mind and emotional state. A human being, no less a victim, is more likely to go wrong or do bad acts when under some controlled substance then when not. Violence is prone when this mixture is involved. Violence is what the sexual predator avoids at all cost; even to the point of silence and being a victim. The ability to hide or conceal gives them the power to call the police, utilize a female partner, and invoke violence or fabricate an assault.

The mentality of a sexual offender is basically one which is altered and has no value in society. They view severe criticism or efforts to stop them as a grudge. They see the world in personal terms, as a narcissist would. They feel that grudges and bias is affecting their day to day growth when it is not. They are incapable or unable to see reality and their lack of it or attitude feeds this wanton desire to be free or get rid of oppressive mechanisms in their life. This could be people who tell on them, fight them, or even impose violence on their efforts. In the world of a sexual offender, violence is intolerable because trust cannot be established when violence is present. To establish trust, you must take the violence away from or figure out a way to make a human being a proper prey, a desirable victim, or a valuable target. To have pretty people impose violence on a sexual predator is the most insulting and the most humiliating experience imaginable. Trust, violence, and image all come into play when this web of deception is present; however, it is the final test of truth and character which becomes a failure to the sexual offender. They are incompatible to criticism and they are allergic to those who resist.

We are seeing a huge outbreak of sexual offenders as technology and the ability to communicate with anonymity are cheapened. Technology allows the sexual offender to expand their horizon and seek public places more frequently. They can become anybody they want. They can tell any lie they like. They can have the most sophisticated web of deception; so long as they are in their home and behind a computer. Some of them display extra-ordinary intelligence while some have the IQ of a retard. Whatever the case, the lure of vacation spots, the tanned bodies of well taken care of family members, the richest clothing and fine goods, the new town or new condo development near the beach, etc... all lure the sexual predator to America where you can find action and is an even better place to live or get laid. These environmental factors attract more and more of them; among the hordes of young males or young females looking for adventure and fun. Society sends mixed messages and this predator often confuses messages but makes no effort to clarify or verify if they are real. The truth is lost and their cunning ability to act on impulse is heightened, mistaken for stupidity and poor judgment.

Unfortunately, the support system which the sexual predator got the most joy out of; the sex industry, has revolted on the internet. The financial mechanism is no longer there for communities that suffer from poverty and unemployment. Dilapidated homes and foreclosed property means people are sick and unkempt; not well taken care of. Thus, America is no longer the hot spot to live and work; no less the number one vacation spot to get laid. This is where it turns dangerous because the sexual predator resorts more to youth and new victims that have this well-kept appeal. Age and threats of violence cause them to gravitate to a more susceptible and higher yield for their pleasures. These basic pleasures, whether on the internet or at the new hot vacation spot, all increase the pressure to have illegitimate children, out of wedlock pregnancy, drugs and drug related crimes, and the spread of medical problems throughout the criminal world. The media and the support system in the public arena, full of first amendment and self-expression, is the biggest hub of sex offenders because their ability to fight back is enhanced by societal mixed messages. Women who dress provocatively; adults who are friendly; victims who take care of themselves; sales people who need a job or a sale; all of these messages are confused in the mind of a sexual offender. If the individual is warped and their reality is so biased and insane; they will hear two or three sentences in one. Which one they choose is determined by the ability to get away with it or the ability to escape any harm.

The internet and technological advancements increase the productivity and the customer base of prostitutes, drug dealers, and the underworld. However, the unkempt and the slow demise are apparent as a political fuselage of more criminal activity and left wing national problems. Not only is the world dying; the underworld is getting sicker and more desperate. Blame this on the sexual predator because it was them who became the buffer zone between two worlds; where heaven collides with hell and where bad guys mix with good ones. Because the world of the sexual offender and the sexual predator is so ugly, genetics is vital to the survival of the species. If an image problem is not addressed with an infusion of genetics; the species will die. Therefore, the sex offender world must devise new and more appealing campaigns to lure the genetics they need and want; in order to establish this image or ensure the survival of the species. Typically, those channels of genetics come from minorities or immigrants who are new to the country and who fall easily to the smallest lies. Not only are they blind or weak like a child; they believe and eagerly seek acceptance and assimilation by these highly organized criminal and political groups. The sex offender world not only surrounds trust; but it comprises mostly of genetics and an ugly image. The ability to call the police and use violence or assault as a camouflage to conceal what actually took place or the invention of lies; enables the sexual offender to greater risk. It is not only a sophisticated high tech game, it is one fabrication after the next to conceal or hide what actually took place.

What exactly is the danger? Power and politics when up against evil, crime, and the left wing; is centered on rights and oppression. Society views these individuals as deranged, fanatics, unequal, undesired, ostracized nationalist, traitors, etc... They have nothing to ground them to reality or the society; so they pursue or look for something. Technology has definitely given them this avenue into the public domain and so has the media. Sex offenders are fascinated with film, movies, amateur video, family pictures, and a view of others a parent typically assigns through the life cycle of a child. A viewpoint omnipresent is also all encompassing and others expect gratitude for this unbiased or all-encompassing view. Spies and dangerous assassins have characteristics the sexual offender has to hone or perfect in order to survive. The use of kidnapping or abduction is just a day’s work in the world of a sexual predator. Furthermore, political enemies and the worst offenders, those with a death wish or some inescapable crime; will all fall into this sex predator or offender role. How they express it is how much trouble they will put themselves in; whether or not it is inside their marriage or outside of it.

In a prison setting, the sexual predator is the most feared. They are more likely to be on the staff than any other inmate. Their ability to utilize trust or win over trust supersedes all others. They are considered delicate and light; an intellectual point of view. A sexual offender is less prone to violence or violent crimes than other prisoners; they avoid attention and remain low key. A sexual predator makes the idea spy no matter what side they are on; the staff or the enemy. Their web of deception is the most complex out of all other thinking felons; therefore, their image remains the best or the most impeccable. As a mole or a spy, they make the most ideal and the most rained; an ability to form this web of deception and utilize trust to assimilate through society and into families. In a prison setting, they rise to the leadership and become the most feared and powerful; often able to mix with normal people and hide their evil. It is very difficult to describe how or why a sexual offender is so dangerous unless there is a body or unless a crime has been committed.

The most difficult sexual offender to catch is the ones who utilize a female or a partnership. To the average police officer, an abduction or pitch by a sexual offender may be imagined or part of their web of deception. It may look like a grudge or incompatible relations. It is not. To the police, when a complaint is logged; it merely looks like an argument, mental illness, unable to get along, or some personal grudge. This is who the underworld would send to violate or penetrate the staff of their enemies. When or if the police are involved; a sexual offender, usually a female, will invent a story of being raped or how the threat of violence is real. Again, this is part of their web of deception and ability to bend or sink into the ground as it changes. It is part of this game to establish trust and paint their prey as the bad guy or the offender. It is not and the goal typically does not work unless it is very sophisticated and elaborate. Criminals and felons of this caliber have sophisticated means of communication and elaborate languages. The danger is of course when they become staff, become employed, become a functioning human being, and share in the riches of America and the world.

Sunday, February 20, 2011



Sunday, February 20, 2011

I would appreciate it if this crazed and psychopathic police, state, federal, military enlisted federation, protective scam and racket would stop contacting us or keeping a dialogue. I did not appreciate the constant demand for dues and how we are past due or owe money for services or some hidden kickback. I did not and do not wish to speak to their Chicago based HQ or have to scream and shout about what they did or tried. I no less have imposed a total ban and any trace of these labor unions past, present, and future will signify who this traitor is. I suggest all counties and states rid of this menace and the Chicago based leadership of their HQ; all based in the Midwest. This is totally insane and how crazy our world has gotten by using crime and corruption as a recruitment drive for the damned, doomed, and those who have taken over or waged war. They refuse to leave, they refuse to step down, and their bosses or employers refuse to police or fix any of this. The logical step was to fire them before civil war or world war. Now the lawsuits are about reckless management, derelictions of duties, mismanagement, conspiracy, and a host of other high crimes and misdemeanor charges.

This idea they have taken over the police, government, and forcing us and others to surrender or subjugate us to their demands is how obnoxious and disgusting this is or have gotten. Any trace of this state and federal labor unions of employees; a federation of damned and deranged laborers will result in direct retaliation and possible mandatory 20 year sentence for conspiracy and terror charges. This idea they can do this or whatever they wish; to invade our life, home, and country is repugnant to say the least. This idea they had a meeting with me and recruited me in 1989-1991 at NVCC police science and juvenile delinquency class is disgusting. The idea the entire class was from out of state and Chicago is where it all traces back; same with the bike gang and the Harley crowd. What they are doing is trying to win and use finance as the method. So how does a traitor become so confident in their work; they block out reality and the truth?

There is and has been an unwanted and unpleasant dialogue with the labor unions, liberals, and criminal elements in upstate NY regarding credit history, bad service, and demands for money. This is an example of the ongoing and unfolding events. These are not conservatives and certainty not Republicans; at most they are spies or psychopathic lunatics who wish to make others feel awkward while they refuse to police anything and act as bullies or low IQ errors. What they seek is loyalty; not to a brand or side; to a person or a love. First they must establish this love or relationship and it takes decades to study a target, VIP, or potential recruit. Drugs and the impact it had on society was just one facet. Risk taking and the assurance of safety or a comfortable life was another. A failure to police the damned and doomed is what caused them to shift things to their benefit and favor; turn the tables. This is their game changer and ours; how they flip things around by betraying those who are against them or fight this plot to take over the world. Once they neutralize any threat in America or the power of America; there is no other threat or enemy to worry about; everybody is damned and must surrender.

So first is finding a good fit, an indestructible foe, and something or someone that is a recipe for success. They will have to study and move in on them; to test the security or check to see if anybody is watching or knows. Then they will begin the encroachment; to hold them as prisoners and reduce them to a mental illness; discredit them. Once they are discredited and too damaged to recover; unbelievable and cannot call for any help; they come in or move in. We expected this and had to lure them into our trap. They continue to use the mental illness, delusional, and desperate excuse on us. Now they can use or exploit us while trying to recruit; will we be their voice and can they force a defection or hire? We are not on their dole until the full cycle is there and we escaped; so the chase is or was on. Ann went this way and Alex went that way; who to follow? They made mistakes and made enough error so we could piece it together; even the terror plots.

This is the police and military unions; a federation of government employees known as communists and a spy ring; the brainwashing is the teachers union who speak on behalf of the damned or lousy immigrants. What they seek is to adopt, foster, recruit, indoctrinate, brainwash, and educate us about their damned life and how to survive. They claim their intentions speak for it and they do not have a bone of hate in their body. They do not police anything and only demand money; now total hell and chaos. They now claim they are scared and we are scaring them; pressuring them into things they do not agree or wish to comply; no damned good and escaping or refusing to police. By stalking us, pursuing us, chasing us, making it impossible to escape or recover, damaging us, and forcing the matter; they sought to invest or put their tentacles all over as control measures of our finance, emotions, and entire reality.

An easy way to do this was to be a landlord and trap a person into rent; using first, second, third, or other jobs to hire, fire, and disrupt; they set off on a good start. By loading this chaos with legal or police errors; they could induce a sensation of no escape, overwhelming stress, a guilty plea, or some recruitment. Once this was accomplished; all they had to do was sit back and wait. The pupil and the constant “on the job training” were followed up with preventing any escape or ability to recover from the damages. The most successful escape was Ann Coulter and a 22 year secret romance; as partners and lovers. Now that was so damned and corrupted; there was still no escape and they were still landlords or using residences to fulfill this checkmate and sensation of inescapable capture. The intensity after college and the sudden attacks indicated a peak, trough, and absence; then a return when the poison took effect. They are seeking to taint the capture or failure by making it appear as if we and others imagined this bad dream and still are; never abducted and imagined it all. By using rental agreements, roommates, and this false parent scam; they could study, spy on, case, or track movements and success.

The reason they hide all of this but refuse to terminate or get rid of anybody who was guilty as sin; is because a fear the public and federal officials would find out more. So they identified a target, stalked that person, ruined them, indoctrinated them, made them in their own image, professed to be some parent, sought entitlements or financial gains, and then tried to destroy or shut them up. Meanwhile they blocked and made it impossible to rescue those who were injured, damaged, or damned by this entire fiasco; but they did make contact, kept the pressure up, and acted as if it was only business and they are not starving or desperate; we were. These actions clearly indicate a scam or misleading the public and investigators; to hide and to continue on, business as usual. There is a ban on the police and military unions now; a deadly enemy and a deadly traitor who knows what all this will result in or has. This is why it was psychopathic and madman politics; pressure to leave or go away; and the voice of the damned superimposed on ours or others who cannot catch them or expose their abductions. They are linked to the government labor unions and Chicago; not NY.

So the Great Lakes (NY, MI, IL, and WI) are where this disease and insanity is based or coming from; the Catholic Midwest expansion and immigration. The police are in Chicago and their bad guys or soldiers are in NY; works out fine for them; two financial giants. I do not appreciate this waging war on us and our reality; basing it on how they rescued us in World War II, Korea, or Vietnam; and now want favors or payback. This has been very painful and very difficult to prove; no less stop them. Yet the dialogue and the insane moronic comments; living in a box; in some detention or prison by this police, federal, and state federation of insane employees; has to end. There is a mandatory ban and a zero tolerance; if any of this traces to their department or leaders; they will be identified as ring leaders and conspirators; we know who it was and where this motorcycle cop, yellow lights, and stalking or surveillance to recruit us came from. Now we know how it ended. This dialogue with their 911 widows was obnoxious and how they are doling out jobs is painful.

If you have card one to twenty and you know their strategy is slow or gradual escalation; by using card number twenty and 11; you make it impossible to use their strategy, build a viable rivalry; and compel them to make a leap of faith. It also ensures the luxury of only two winnable cards while this spy must jump the leap of faith and cannot return. That is a huge gap and why they are neck deep in quicksand; it was planned and well thought out and it ended on a level most people will not believe can happen so quickly and with such certainty. We can see the errors and how that leap was made blindly; so now they are stuck in a tree with no way of climbing down except falling down. As far as using or playing card number twenty; we would like to know what their strategy is and if they are intent or insane enough to deploy or play our same cards. It is impossible to win when eighteen cards are still missing and the two end pieces are given or used as candy; a lure. If their military strategist can rationalize this and accept failure; then so can we because it was done on purpose and it worked out better than expected. The strategy of this traitor and enemy is to win; but to win they must open one door after the next, "Let's see what is behind door number two... is anybody looking?" They claim we set them up but do not have any evidence to such. What they have is two mounting efforts to counter-suit; all based on labor union, false conservatives, race baiting, and drug interdiction. It began painful for only one party and it ended painfully for two or more parties.

It is true; we could give them card one and two. However, based on expert analysis and keen observations; cards 11 and 20 were chosen. They were chosen because the death penalty is how we judged this enemy and observed their behavior. When card twenty is dispensed; they can only go backwards and into the hole they crawled out of; otherwise, they will be finished off. If card 1 was chosen instead of card 11; then the likelihood an element of surprise was unforgiving would be compromised. What we want to do is learn more and identify who did this; in the end, that is exactly the final product and how it got this way. This is their highest leaders and most dangerous spies; they are deadly and ferociously delusional. Their intelligence is based on what they can get away with and what we are led to believe; they are no damned good and as evil as evil can become. When they are willing to report this; we are willing to agree they should not be finished off for waging war; the only direction we offerred them is backwards. Why they are stuck in forward and do not know what is going on; is their own fault. To win this; they must use what we gave them; card number 11 and card number 20; understand the death penalty was issued and they must seek mercy; not wage war or clemency. We are waiting to finish this enemy off; once and for all. We suggest they end this secret war, attacks, dialogue, leave us alone, and clean it up; the option for a 21st card is open.

As far as how they played their version of mutually assured destruction; we know how it ended and how they are out of ammunition now; saved the best for last. What is keeping them alive is us; our kindness; and our vision; not their talent or IQ. This enemy is not really aware or too disconnected from reality to fight their way out or think their way out; only lie, cheat, and steal their way home. There they sit and wait worried to death the next knock will be the last. Therefore, card twenty was chosen because we were fed up and bloodshot angry with what they did or how they did it; we hope they understand now. What we saw from 2008 to 2012 was just how angry, insane, and how a lunatic communist spy behaves; a chance to study this enemy and this domestic traitor in their own home while they claim to be doing this to us. Knowing what we knew; stalemate, tic-for-tac, and trying to checkmate or run us over; we did not lift a finger to make it crystal clear what they did and how much trouble they are in. In other words, they were stopped cold and a decision was made which was impossible for them to win or escape; a checkmate and a submission hold. To fail now will be the final chapter in their book and ours. So that is how the data stacks up against them; and when they compare notes by guessing the Monday morning quarterback. Now they claim we are meeting their rebellion and it has merged with ours; anti-government and why the Constitution does not work for anybody.

There is zero tolerance on this police and labor unions; no less mafia, Chicago, 911 widows, helpers, communists, liberals, Democrats, left wing; and all of this propaganda and brainwashing. So far none of it has been cleaned up and no effort to; now we must or have to sue the government on their behalf and we hate their guts for trapping us and claiming we live their life or wish to be just like them; to walk in their shoes. I and we do not owe those dues; wish to breed or mate with them; or erase their damned and stupidity; this is a madman and maniac; not a labor union for military and police officers. This terror plot, the leaders, and how they sought to benefit was hidden and every effort was made to get the maximum miles; never once seeking the proper actions or policing it. Now it is about dues owed, past dues, or how we are not a problem but are safe now; free of any worry or harm because of them. It is one lie after the other; the same as I describe with these tickets, traps, and constant “so appeal it.” It is not the police, it is the labor unions for the police, military, and federal employees; who do not police anything and demand money. Now the scam is how much we need them to fix this or how they cannot deny it and only want to help after we caught or destroyed them.

They are banned; must be shut down; and there is little time. I do not want to see anymore of this and have alerted backup, the office of hurricane and earthquakes, and other law enforcement agencies. This is a mole and a traitor playing games or toying with our life; to determine our fate and finances when God did not give them any right or responsibilities for such. Now they only seek to destroy us and shut us up; total silence on both sides; so they are not destroyed and banned. There is a deadline; get rid of them; any trace in the police force, military, and any state or federal workplace will be a sign of waging war and conspiracy. Now they have a choice and that choice is to be met immediately; all they had to do was get rid of and fire these miserable SOBs and their traitor habits; yet we are still here and gone with all of it. Any trace of them will be met with future investigations; retaliations; and written up. I do hope no more complaints are filed and no further efforts are made to make dumbass comments or manage our life; no less demand dues; this insane game and insanity we uncovered. Any trace of them will result in investigation and the stigma of noncompliance; a little game that has not winded down.

Chicago and this bastard are using crime to boost their finances in NYC and Chicago; meanwhile they seek to boost their membership and are holding a recruitment drive. We were targeted and caught up in this for over 22 years and it was about Vietnam; a labor union of state and federal employees that did not belong or was hiding. Now they pop out everywhere and do one bleeding effort after the next until that threshold is met and we cannot take it anymore. So the bad guys and the soldiers are the mafia, NY. The police and the pristine leaders are Chicago; both financial distractions’ and the damned or doomed. They use crime to hold recruitment drive much the same with corruption. They do not police the damned but they do police those who oppose them, expose them, destroy them, or defeated them. There was a meeting in 1989 at NVCC and it was all Chicago; then the stupid tickets rolled in. There never has been, was, or any desire to talk to the mafia, labor unions, communists, IRA, liberals, Democrats, drug cartels, federal employees union, the damned or the doomed; middle men who like to manage our life and keep us in a box; romantic singles clubs or cupid matchmaker services demanding money; or this insane and constant dialogue. Worse is how they claim we are imagining all of it but not them; only us. There is zero tolerance and we expect them eradicated from the strongholds in MI, NY, PA, IL, WI, and a few other deadly origins to make this their home. This is definitely not the police but they made our world totally insane.

The financial trail is there and so are the slight traces of the labor unions, mafia, damned, lousy immigrants, starving females, police unions, world war unions, drug cartels, and criminal elements. The paper trail is so long and so damning; this book and the exposure is the public trial itself. Therefore, if they can deport or force someone to accept capture, imprisonment, or pressure them to flee; they win and this will never be policed; not even known or believable; the labor unions and the damned are biased when you compare World War I, II, and Vietnam. Now they do not know enough about satellite warfare to make a conclusion but claim they must train someone at this position in case we are damaged, injured, or not able to make it. We have withheld any and all information; releasing only a few detail in books; which were incoherently stolen or used to further a spy ring and cloning process. This was to match or beat an enemy; to go tic-for-tat or keep the world at a stalemate while crime and corruption poisoned or emboldened the left wing by making life a total disaster. Now they hide, keep the pressure up, and try to appear as if we made a mistake or hallucinated this; the use of drugs, women, and alcohol. If they can make someone abuse drugs and alcohol, they can prove some doubt or lack of solid evidence. It is ten times harder now then before and nothing they have is powerful enough to roll back time or how this turned out. The damned and the communist are making it impossible to impose the death penalty or expel them from the public or private sectors. We have and we will; it is written in the stars and keeps repeating; but they are now fighting for their life, survival, and their own existence.

It would be reassuring if the government took stronger steps or lasting measures to curb crime or prevent this from being a reality in our world; yet there is little happening and what little there was is a slap on the wrist. They see America as their abode and savior; so anybody in it or within their sphere of power; are mere slaves and subjugated. It will be difficult to get the government to begin interning and removing this threat and it is still ongoing and has not let up; even after 22 long years of battle and 3 previous years interviewing the ring leaders. Their goal right now is to double, triple, and increases the pressure as they justify murder; to end this nightmare, we must agree or surrender. They claim this is only about money, business, and nothing personal. We live in and accept a material world; we can live with and adopt the flaws of it; or surrender and agree. Now there is crime as far as the eye can see because when taking to the point of destruction; this maniac and madman is an utter thief and a career criminal; a psychopath and far worse than a liar. The only human capital, now that industrialism is eradicated or offshore; is crime. Therefore, a systematic effort is underway to control or destroy the entire financial model and invent a new footrace; a fair chance for all. What they hate is how the public is more informed, more in control, and more educated to evade or escape harm.

The labor unions and the communists are using crime, much the same way they used or exploited industrialism, to form a protection or savior model. They call it the club of growth and our choice of Gods. So if you compare crime to communism; there is virtually no difference but the gap between this traitor and mole to the side they are on or exploiting is gigantic. The first step is compliance; remove the goals; and now you can identify and remove the people behind it all. The reason why the terror plots involved construction and lousy immigrants is because they claim they built America, watered it with their blood, and seek growth. A construction company is how they sell all of this and their capability, real estate or values. If their real estate grows, then they can claim it is reality; if they go bankrupt or are in severe debt; they jump out of skyscrapers, not fly planes in them. Therefore, there is animosity when so much growth is underway and humans are used as capital; a parent-child model. If they can sabotage or steal growth; they can keep their police union, military union, and federation of government workers and use the teachers union to foster this indoctrination or program they are trying to sell; a scam. They need people who look normal, can assimilate, appear superior, and cannot be incriminated. What they say and do leads to a death sentence, in their own rank and outside; so they seek to imprison or control people while remaining as ghosts or helpers.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Dear Office of Hurricane and Earthquakes: Saturday, January 01, 2011

We have been here and done this before; we are not the ones being tested here nor are we put on this earth to complain and baby-sit. This animosity and disappointment is now between your office and mine; a coming collision with satellite warfare forces and a cosmic Nova. We know who is behind this and why. Now their PR leaders are coming to us to tell the world they are the police and we have been chosen to “share” the pain and experience of public-government service. Since the people who ultimately are responsible have been lackadaisical or do not wish to do their job on an exceptional level; we will prepare for war with your office; the office of hurricanes and earthquakes. We cannot be reliant on you for security any further when the results are unacceptable and we are the ones who have to receive crank calls, feedback, unwanted daily responses, and must suffer for this total lack of security and breech; access to our life. We will hold you accountable until a satisfactory answer and an acceptable destruction of this enemy is placed in front of our desk and before the public. Until then consider your office reprimanded and no longer under the command of satellite warfare. Your benefits and protections have been revoked until otherwise and a collision is expected; both Ann and I had to be tested on this level already and you cannot be a continuous point of failure in our life or this mission. Therefore, I am seeking your expulsion and destruction for a continuous long term forecast that has not and does not improve. An amount must be levied on this political menace to collect for the violations, total lack of truth and ethics, and the fact they messed up or messed up everybody. They made others look bad and suffer; so now they must forget their self interest and forfeit everything they own to pay back their utter insanity. If they can live with the collection process; then we can kick this stubborn office into action. This lemon and born in America failure is coming into the military and public service; and we have already been a victim of this slander because this is their last stop before skid row. So this huge security breach and problem goes on the record of the office of hurricane and earthquake as insufficient security during critical times. So I am glad someone has finally waged war on your office of hurricane and earthquakes; or has finally given you an ultimatum. If you are the boss and so mission critical; then the clock is winding down at level 10; you better figure out how to get out of that tree you are hanging on and so happy about. Do you think we care, for real office of hurricane and earthquake boss?

Insofar as this rogue or criminal element that has seized and gained access to our life; we expect you to eliminate them handily and quickly; that has not happened and as a critical element in this mission; the security must be evaluated as insufficient and repulsive. You do not spank an enemy on the hand when they charge at you with a hoe. They have imposed their will on us and made our life a gratifying joke; we will now unleash the trump cards which will expose that you have failed in your mission and you have not provided proper solutions for those who you either swear allegiance to or sworn to protect. Somebody has to pay dearly for this and right now your office is the logical conclusion; we will wage war on your office of hurricane and earthquake so that the proper respect and proper security is put before us and this enemy knows who has the trump cards and who they need to avoid or attack. We will impose our will on you until you are either expelled or this political psychopath is eliminated, destroyed, or no longer in our life satisfactorily. They bleed unlike a normal human being and your work appears to be a flawed and messy addition to our work. This enemy bleeds like a traitor and their only goal is to shut others up or make them go away; so we will give you a short period to make up your mind and return to a viable and robust partnership, it is on the table and we expect decisive results. This clean up and this pressure has to be directed to the right party and we have identified you as this party; you have done an insufficient and poor job with our protection and mission. Most people who know what happened or understand our story will agree; you sat there and did nothing and now must face those you are sworn to protect and who you fear. One of us does not have the necessary fight or power to continue on this mission and we will give you a final chance to decide if that is you or not. So this is on your record now. Right now, the only people that should be calling or has any right to be involved is the office of hurricane and earthquakes; where these crank calls, ghost parents, ghost leaders, and communist spies calls are coming from is why decisive answers are needed immediately; shut it off and end it before disciplinary actions arrive. I would highly suggest your office of hurricane and earthquakes remove your security errors from the satellite warfare log book and beginning; otherwise, we will take your office out anyway we can and this usually involves twenty existing trump cards kept close to me. Your office of hurricane and earthquake does not stand a chance but it may take some time to take you lapse of reality and security from our mission. I think this office of hurricanes and earthquakes has met their match. They are expendable, need to shut up, clean this up, and stop slandering who really counts and matters. They will fall out of the tree so they must police themselves and stop telling others to move or leave on demand. This mug shot is them; not us.

In short, we cannot afford anymore breaches in security; flooding our life with propaganda; and the usual total insanity or lack of any security. Who is going to clean this up now? All this enemy does is bleed on us and ask us why we are so mean to them; as if they deserve to live or have some fight in this ending. We cannot afford more mistakes. They cannot afford more mistakes. Nobody can afford more of a mess and mistakes; so you are the first to go and a replacement will be asked who can avoid or prevent this in the future; but the problem and the enemy is still there in plain view and exists in our reports. We need those reports to look acceptable and remain dead on center. They all can share the experience and tell each other or their kids stories to share government or public service; we do not need to share anything with this enemy; no less our own marriage. We have the Irish and the blacks continuously harassing our life about how we are their prisoner and they wish to share the pain; so be it. They fear the pain of failure but they wish to share it with sworn enemies and those who far exceed their powers in this universe. So we are a bit sour and reaching a homicidal frustration with this lack of security and total mess in our life. The problem is not the command and those who are in charge; the problems are those who are charged to execute, sworn to protect, and those who fail and keep failing to provide us the proper security. We cannot be blamed or sit here all day and complain about bad employees or psychopathic people who call others who hate them because they do not understand a no thank you. Let me also make it clear, there are plans and those plans have been ruined. This is funeral of the left wing and the communist forces and the sermons have been written and practiced; now this. We are not here to push and shove back and forth about who is in control or who has to follow the orders of whom; we are here to test your ability to win and to be a mission critical element before we cut you loose or have to go into mission critical failure. If your office has the guts than we have the glory; but the first step to this point of failure at level 10 is to go against your command and the people who own this. The fact you put graffiti or scribbled your name in our biography and log book is not the brightest idea; so these security errors must be indicated to you and a warning posted. To think your office allowed this enemy and these spies to capture the father of satellite warfare and let them walk right into this office is how stupid you truly are. Now it is level 10 mission critical and we have a liar and a total fake telling us how important and whacked they are; dirt expendable. Anybody can now just walk into my life and story because of this stupid hurricane and earthquake office; I want them replaced with flawless people and want to ask if war must be waged on my own forces?

So I am not intimidated and have been tested; I wear my badge and my honors knowing how you all are. I had to go through the same with Ann; so I hope and pray this enemy is killed soon and no trace of them enters in our reports which are so damaging to your future inclusion and reliance. I regret someone has to write to you and explain to you whether you are trusted, liked, doing a good job, or what your problem is; hate it. Now someone has to tell you what you are doing wrong and seek corrective measures; we have been there and done that; many times before. It takes 10 or 20 years and we end up victorious across the boards. I suggest you stop testing the limits, testing my patience, and testing your powers. Now we have a traitor bleeding on us about your inability to kill them or expel them; how they wage war on us and roll off more complaints. Why do we have to tell you this? Why do we have to wage war on you and break your bones about this? So maybe a spanking is in order and a ferocious fight is needed to get you back in order and to have you focus on what is mission critical. Maybe we are keeping you alive for no good but ornamental; if so then we will have to set the record strait. Only a fool, an idiot, and a nincompoop would ever do this; a certified traitor. So I will accept accountability for the death of this traitor and left wing gigantic jackass; it is what I seek and keep asking for. I am ready to provide the flawless PR from here on and give the funeral sermons I have prepared and written. We wait for your response and your inclusion in this celebration. We wait for your units to merge with us and be treated as an equal. Until then, I will turn my forces on you and begin the process of trumping you; I have done this before, will do this again, and should not be tested again. Our complaining and horrendous reports need to end and go away; forever. We hold you accountable how long it exists and is entered into the record; how you negotiate our security is strictly up to you but remember; your work is graded on the end result and the final product. We hold you as the author of or responsible for these long and embarrassing reports; so we will seek to wage war on you and expel you. You have the right to fight back or plead your case with whom you seek to be your superiors. Ann and I have been there and we know how the slander process works effectively; the authors of these attacks exist in the satellite warfare log and the history books. You are now under suspicion and being scrutinized. Do they have any idea how much damages or the fines racked up after twenty years and much more? Let me say this again, this behavior carries with it fines, penalties, and a lot of pain and suffering. Who is watching who and who gets it every single time?

So I have never been so humiliated by your lack of security and work. You make us disgruntled, doubt you, and complain. It is more and more while matters get worse and worse. I have never been so insulted and felt so violated by people who are expected to do a fair and proper job; we cannot sit there and be open targets or blowing in the wind, to see where air delivers us. So I will not wage war on this enemy but I will seek of wage war on your office of hurricane and earthquake; alien beings, extraterrestrial, God like or not. Nobody talks to us or speaks with this must gusto while we complain all day and are taken to the edge of this world by a nut and a sadistic born in America failure; nobody. If you wish to take them to court or retaliate; that is strictly upon you to decide. We are not under the microscope or need to keep proving ourselves; but it is a revolving episode of more foolishness. If you are going to kill this enemy; make sure they do not knock on our doors, crank call us, or make our life a residual failure. Why do we have to tell you how to fight and how to do a flawless job? You wage war on this enemy and make sure none of them come to our home, come in our life, and threaten our loved ones. They also use terrorism as some excuse; a hero and a police force on duty. The degree of lawlessness and murder is unprecedented; so this is their funeral and last hours and I have written many speeches but still must wait and complain. This enemy is not asking for trouble; they are seeking war. I am making need changes and judging my own forces now to determine if they are cut out and made for satellite warfare and future missions. We cannot have lemons or be flooded by 100 lemons a day to change our reality or accustom our determination. If you have anything to offer or wish to keep this alive; then you need to begin throwing down trump cards; those same cards will be used against you. You appear to be gutless or constantly foot dragging; which has caused tremendous hardship and security failures. Your aim and kill ratio is below what is expected; so is our story with you in it. Your marksmanship is abhorrent and it only causes anger or dangers for those who you claim to protect and are sworn to protect. If you miss or screw up; they come knocking on our door and paying us a visit; now we are trapped and a prisoner. Again, the more complaints we report, the more it appears you are the problem or the point of failure. So why stop, just help yourself and take whatever you want. This lemon is not getting better and the lemon is walking around or crank calling us; acting like they got better or are still not a whacked out psycho. Their heads exploded and they are a ticking time bomb; even twice as wound up and whacked out now; that is where is headed. Does anybody think the office of hurricane and earthquakes is not watching or is getting better by the minute? It is time to wage war on them and when the cards fly; the monkey will drop from the trees because the laws of gravity dictate so. The lemons took over this office and now are on the record for this security disaster.

So we have a mission, you have a mission, and this enemy has a mission. It has all collided and they sit at the highest stakes table with no value to their cards. They steal our cards which cannot be stolen (royalty, legend, biography, etc…) and utilize frill cards that can easily be destroyed or do not carry any weight (spying, secret war, money, favors, sex, harassment, etc…); so you decide who you are playing cards with or who you place your bets on. This lecture about high stakes or danger is not needed or wanted. They are squeezed in a fight between how we get along now. They will try to have me turn on you and have me destroy you; so be it. If you are smart enough to negotiate it and save your own life; then lets’ not be foolish about who is the problem here and why. Ann and I had to go through the same and similar ordeal already; a horrendous process designed by a traitor and trouble maker who has no bearing on the outcomes. This war is between us and our own people; good and bad personnel. We do not expect one complaint or one event filed in the satellite warfare log; not one. The only one should be how that event was eliminated and destroyed; that is all and mission crucial. So you must be the author of a jackass or some moronic inclusion in this long episode with a lemon. You must not fear God or respect your superiors; constantly arguing and making their life hell because you are so messy and cannot do things properly. Power is not graded and measured by who exercises it; power is based on marksmanship, experience, and results. To weld power you must be flawless and accurate; not blind or a fool. Decide if you wish to shoot or shoot yourself in the foot; but if so, then not in our life. If we find one of these spies and traitors; if we uncover some secret war on us; we will retarget and regenerate the forces that brought us to this ending; you will be expelled and asked to leave. If you fail, cause trouble, argue back, and become a threat; then the trump cards begin to fly and the pain will be on a magnitude unprecedented. You will be removed physically by security and the satellite warfare forces; this means brute and real force is applied on a trouble maker and enemy. This was supposed to be a funeral; now it is a circus of follies; you face expulsion and extinction; alien, superior, or not. Ask how the office of lemons, the same one who is on record now as a security mistaking, got in the tree? Is it because they wandered aimlessly, helped themselves, or just decided to take what they want and destroy anybody they pleased? So why stop now? Is there someone or something in the way of their power or are they about to fall and bust open like a nut? So help yourself and don’t bother to ask anybody next time.

Let me point this out and make it very clear. In our effort to fix our life and identify security failures, weakness, and constant problems; I have a problem with you office. I am not sitting at a table and playing a high stakes game with real people so I can peddle junk, throw out counterfeit cards, or play someone else's hand. This enemy is using our cards, our hand, and is trying to sit next to us or kidnap us in a very high stakes and dangerous game with war, terrorism, and militaries. Nobody is complaining about this but we know what this enemy and traitor is doing; they are at the highest stakes game of power, lost every hand so far, is upset and broken, and trying to use our hands or steal it. So next time you try to whack this monkey; I would kindly ask you do a perfect, flawless, and proper job so we do not get the crank calls, the Chugum PI detective Dick calling, the angry liberal and communist chef from hell, and heaping loads of fun we describe as a total nightmare and disaster. Had you eliminated or whack this traitor and enemy properly, done a flawless security job, protected our interests and life, and put your body between the satellite warfare program and this captured enemy and traitor; we would not be complaining now or in such dire straits. So take a bow on the topic of security; and be prepared to brandish all trump cards, final life lines, guardian angels, and the full force and might of Devine intervention. He who shuts their mouth and throws down the winning cards, the power cards, and the trump cards; dares and wins. I do not have to prove my daring or how I shut up and throw down my winning cards time and again; do I have to prove myself again and again? Why do we have to keep revisiting this and the same utter failure? There are lemon laws to protect us from this kind of failure and ruckus. Why can’t you understand no thank you and just keep away or leave us alone? Now you are acting horny in our life and when we take you out; it is bovine clear you are not getting any ass but it is your ass that felt the F5. So it is not hope but your groin thinking instead you little wiener. This wiener does not learn and just does it again and again; until the trump cards go flying and they ask why they are hanging in a tree at level 10 mission critical failure. Now that is courage.

You know, it is just bizarre and weird ass shit from these people; some circus. Do I have to keep on doing a bang up job and proving myself again and again when the problem is very clear? This did not enchant me or enhance my love life and career; so I am calculating new courses and see danger for this office of hurricane and earthquakes; issued by the father of satellite warfare. Now they come to us and we get the bad end of the stick; disgruntled, angry, and also disappointed because your office kept them alive or failed to make a monkey the ass in this story. I am the father of satellite warfare; I hold the trump cards and developed it; I don't do security or signed up to save my wife from being raped and murdered by savages and traitors. Now I have to do everything; more than 20 years of this and not paid a damn cent in damages or gratitude. What kind of joke has this become or is it? Who the hell is in charge and responsible for all of this? So at level 10; this is now personal; my powers against your sloppy weather forecasting. I can pick up a history book or any textbook and read up on how your ass has been a sloppy Joe or just not able to hit that sweet spot in life. I just do not know why but you seem as if you just cannot win ever or flawed inevitably; what do you see? Will you please stop F’in off and do our security so we can have a life or enjoy one? Now we have to wage war on your office and trump the office of hurricanes and earthquakes; because the enemy you could not kill or eliminate is now using our cards, trying to steal our trump hands, they have exclusive access, and the complaints rack up more and more. Do we need to teach you how to be flawless or does a high quality job at our own security? We have to design our own house because your services are so lacking and horrible. I do not do security; why am I now teaching it or trumping those who do? Therefore, the lemon laws are not there for you to hide behind or utilize to prevent expulsion; this also applies to the office of hurricane and earthquakes; please, no thank you! You act like an x-rated star in our life 24 hours and now cannot jerk off to our life; look at what you did and what is on your record now. The crazed lemon maniac not only does it; they stick around asking if anybody knows they did it. Now the lemon claims to be our boss, kind of minorities, and they are broke or near skid row. For a phony who keeps saying you are ready to die; you sure look good hanging in that tree and quietly trying to swing with us. You are so ready to die; you cannot blurt anything out and only want to help! You just wander around and refuse to police yourself; because you are helping yourself and your trading partners now! If you are a trading partner who needs help; raise your hands. You are hanging in the tree and about to fall because you say the same things we do; you want to help, you helped yourself, you are the police, you are tough, you are superior, you are rich, you are conservatives, this is about money, you are fighting terrorism, this is insane, you are in love, you admire us, you are the boss, you want us to leave, and we are in this together. What a fake, a fraud, a rip off, a lemon, a total lie, and a communist traitor and enemy. Worse, it is critical failure and level 10 and you swing with us; ask yourself is this is as evil as a human can or has become in history? Had you been honest for one minute of your life; you would not be in the tree like we are now; now I have a serious problem with this office of hurricane and earthquakes; this police needs to police their total lying eyes.

Do you think we can find people who can do a much better job and who are not a lemon? So here I am dealing with personnel who cannot do anything right; then I have 1000s of people knocking on my door while I have one monkey’s ass always telling me they hold all the trump cards because they block my internet, shut my computer down, or break my gear day and night. Imagine that; 1000 people in line and one who keeps telling me they belonged? They hide and hide their identity while they keep this blockade; but the truth is they could not even shine our shoes on a sunny day. Good things come to people who are truthful and who never screw up or around; a human disaster has all the trump cards? Even your office knows I hold the true and only cards left; so choose your enemy well and go screw up someone else's life; I have a lot of other things in life important to me than babysitting. Do I look and act like a babysitter now? Am I on some babysitter pay scale? Do I pamper a monkey ass or some lemon of a situation? Am I enjoying this spoiled rotten situation as much? Is there evidence to any of this or just more of the same detailed rambling? Right now, the only factor in this high stakes game that can save them or prevent some full scale retaliation is the truth; we are not babysitters and we do not like lemons or even wish to deal with this. They can say what they want; when the trump cards go flying; lies increase the dangers. Go after each other; we are the only ones who are flawless and have the true trump cards. Real value or matters are things that do not perish or can be taken away; your name, your legend, your royal status; your job is a click away from ending. Are you the problem or do you just wish your superiors appreciating you more? Your job is to throw this enemy out, slam them on their head, make them regret every minute of life, and ensure clear or safe passage for revisions to the satellite warfare course. Do you understand slapping them on the hand, knocking them down a few times, and letting them crank call us or come to our homes can go on your record and have you taken out? Now this goes on your record and maybe you did not expect this enemy to get up and chase us further into hell; but the truth is they got up and are back at it. We do not need to know why or how they got up and did it again; we need a flawless approach and decisive actions; this goes on your record for poor or unsatisfactory security. Do not look at me or put me under the microscope; I am not hanging in that tree or have to figure out how to get down. Trying to make us as psychotic as they are now did not work; sharing the experience they are going through did not make anybody happy at all. When they walk away or had enough; we will know how they came out and how psychopathic a human being can get with this. They are walking around in life this way; this evil.

Ann was put in the same position in 2008. Nothing this traitor does will strip our power or take away our cards; everything they have is tangible. I also asked Ann to choose her enemy and she did; so her word is good enough for me and she is not expected to prove herself again and again. The hurricane and earthquake office has to go through the same thing Ann did for the past two years; and she really messed their world up. Now it is someone else's turn to mess their world up and let them know why they deserve this and why. They almost destroyed the father of satellite warfare. They tried to destroy Ann and failed. Now they will know who calls the shots and has the trump cards. If he says they go on a mission; they go on the mission. If he orders them to choose their enemy for security reasons; they are matched up and must prove they are and were victorious. I do not think empty words or fake tricks will work in this high stakes game with the next opponent they must defeat or destroy. If they make it; then Ann and I will see them in court and seek damages. If they do not; then don't sweat it because we are at level 10 anyways; we will know who is stronger and whose power cannot be taken away or destroyed since we are waiting for ours to be returned and fixed. We will check what is after level 10 in a few years but Ann and I have to work on our civil suit and so many legal complaints. Let's see if they can knock off the third in line or not; this office of hurricane and earthquake; I can and will. I am now denying all mission credibility until otherwise and will expel them if and when necessary; this is unacceptable. It is unacceptable to throw trump cards down on your or view you with suspicion; unacceptable. Ann had to learn quickly why she could not be nice to this enemy or allow them the ability to crank call her or get up after being smashed or ran over; now it is your turn. All they can say is they are ready to die and wish to help; can we test this phony and traitor? We must be them and we must be in this together; because I heard no thank you a lot and for over twenty years. So this is where twenty years of no thank you led; smile and take a picture, it is now on the satellite warfare mug sheet.

Let me first express my dissatisfaction with your office and the lack of ferocity you treat our enemies and traitors. Let me also express my continuing doubt you have the strength and the wherewithal to be part of or a member of the satellite warfare program. I have written to you and have asked for your help to rid this enemy and this political traitor from my life and you and my own security seem not able to handle the mission or the threat level. I have to ask my security to watch Ann and expend enormous time listening and coping with one security hole after the other. Either you are some sort of inbred or a degenerate sort of security for us. I wish to begin the process of disconnecting and expelling you from our mission; you do not seem to be a good fit and do not have the guts or bravery we exert while under attack or ferocious combat. If we were in Vietnam and if we apply the same standards; your numbers are last place and the body count is appalling. I will set a deadline and if I find 1 of these spies, traitors, and complaints in our life again; we will take it out on your office of hurricane and earthquakes. I will see to it my security hunts you down; better you and we right? Your loyalty to this mission and our safety is severely questioned; yet you hold this office and position with little gratitude. We are not paid for this except a retirement. There is a blockade on my life and my tax statements or social security proves the total lack of support. Your ability to fight and wage war is a big determination on how easy or how difficult we can defeat you; it takes a long time to accomplish this, trust me. So unlike death squads; we do not care if your yeast infection is getting better or how well junior is improving and passed second grade. The stupid weather comments everyday is not needed and just stupid. Not only are they a stupid lie; they are a stupid liar when the chips are down and there are no more options. The only cards that exist in this world and can be played at mission critical and level 10; are the real ones; stop the counterfeit and lies, it will be a huge gigantic fall out of the tree. This time the office of hurricane and earthquakes will not get up or walk away thinking they are doing our security or are our bosses; never again. Nobody plays with fate, destiny and the human race on such a demented and sadistic level except a butt boy and a hoe.

How do you expect us to survive in combat or while under attack if we cannot get good, clean, decisive Katrina retaliations when the only earthquake is in our life? How do you expect me to hold my ground and defend the satellite warfare program? So I am done with this and I better see 100 or 1000 Katrina’s if this will be successful or this mission completed. Do you need to come over and see the home I had to design? Do you need to read the complaints to the FBI about raping or murdering my wife? Do you need to listen to or read the daily lectures and intimidation by a sore loser and a misfit in our life? Do you? Do you wish to subject yourself to this or do we have to take this out on you for a pussy attitude and lack of security? If this office is going to grease the left wing and the liberals; do it right or else we get the nasty calls and the stalking. If they are going to take them out; make sure they finish up the job or else we get stuck with this now and writing them up for a lack of fight or half ass fighting. Now I have to scream at some monkey all day about how there is a conspiracy and how we greased a monkey who looks better or is good with minorities; another screw up. I will say this again; we do not make mistakes and want perfect results; not some half ass fight from the office of hurricane and earthquakes. I am tired of this and undesired results or the cleanup and nightmare. That monkey is now angry and calling us; satellite warfare, it usually has to do with making a threat or writing to them. Trust me, we do not like them or call this “minority friendly serf.” We have logged more unwanted and unfriendly calls ever in the Guinness world’s book. Nobody blew up their lemon; they tried to sell it or tried to peddle this. Now we have to listen to their hero stories, how minority friendly they are, how eager they want to help, and how they plan on arresting us - the kind of bench warrants their judges can obtain or sneak by. Why don’t I call aliens from the planet Zeek to smack you or call Zoltar the son of God to have a word with you; wouldn't that be a better idea to just pick up the phone and dial them? Even better, why don’t we just intern you and put you in a work camp?

Not only is your aim off, your attitude needs to be fixed or addressed. Do you have any respect for your superiors or must they wage war on you and destroy your awful record? The proof and this inadequacy are there for the record. You may want to fight harder, stop letting this happen, and making it easier for us to recover or fix our life; what is your mission? We are not getting anywhere with this or with you and soon we will have to destroy you at level 10; just another nightmare in our story. I will see to it your office of hurricane and earthquakes are hunted down by my satellite warfare forces if you allow one positive ID. This has nothing to do with the FBI, Democrats, Republicans, or anyone; this is between you and me; satellite warfare command and hurricane - earthquake command. Will you follow orders or do we have more problems and another ferocious fight? Your kill rate is unacceptable; you only seek to anger us and bolster this total disaster. So we have been here and done that already; the ending does not change but it is a total nightmare getting to this ending and fixing our life trying to get things done properly. On the chopping block now is not the enemy but our security; the office of hurricane and earthquakes. Do you wish to roll the dice or begin another long and arduous decade into hell as we dismantle you piece by piece? Is this how we will remember you; you could not wage war against your enemies and lost the support of your forces because you refused or could not fight? All you did was anger or make your own people mad at you by inaction? Now this enemy on our shores and with close access is bolstered because of your stupid power and lack of kill rate. You anger them and screw up; we take the blame or are in the line of fire; what a loyal partner. Should we let you off easily now or will you help us destroy, for good and once and for all, this mindless enemy and MF? It is a relief to know someone has finally waged war on your office and we do not have to suffer from the lemon laws any further or the slander of our name. There must be a high demand or some cool value for a crazed lunatic who enjoys rummaging in our life, making wild and stupid comments when we are in the shower, and joyfully prances around with outrageous facts about how they are trading partners or close allies. This must be another ongoing battle with the “office of hanging on a tree” or (air quote) crazed lunatics who are miserable SOBs and know have to do this insane act just to get anywhere in life because they are a communist spy ring and a labor union proxy. Now these offices of lemons need to use 911 and terror plots to circumvent the lemon laws and make their miserable existence a touch better than total failure. I am glad that someone out there has waged war on your miserable office of hurricane and earthquakes because you are now in the log and a security lapse; total failure and still prancing around with the in crowd you keep claiming is your God because you are a serf walking on God like terrorist.

Prove it. If you want your ranks like all other; then you earn it and show your battle scars; not get complained at daily or logged as ineffective in our biography. This spy and enemy has total access; 24 hours to our life. Perhaps you should come to our office if you are too scared to pull the trigger and eradicate this threat? Maybe you are not ready and not cut out to be in this office; facing war or expulsion. You nearly escaped disaster and fighting out of this had it not been for Ann; but now I am asking why I am relying on your indecisions to defeat a major security threat. You must have 9 lives also; very close call because I am on the borders right now asking who stole all my money and who has to pay it back. You people are delusional. You build a lemon of a car and then you go and claim terrorists are attacking or you face nuclear threats; no, you made a lemon and are that pathetic. I have to sit there while you flood the media about this chit chat total delusional shit; as if slice bread was in the caveman diet now. The only person who blew up your lemon was you and your determined effort to sell it or force it on others. Now we have to clean up the total mess and this MF picked every blade of grass out of our yard for over 20 years. Every blade better be taped or glued back while the new seed grows. Nobody wants your lemon and nobody blew it up; but is it bad if they did? No lemon anymore right? Now we have to listen to the hero lies all day and the media is flooded with this born in America failure and how you gain all this access in our life and keep fighting to the death. Nobody blew up your lemon and if they did; ask if it is a bad thing because we have to listen to DHS, TSA, and the worst molesters imaginable. Why can’t they accept no thank you, stay away, leave us alone, and just shut the hell up? You look good up there and in that lonely tree; very courageous.

All of this feels like a freak show and a game to see who is more delusional than the other. We sat there from 2006 to 2010 as one after the other came out of the bushes and attacked; now moron is all over the media, in our life, and on the police, military, and government forces. No thank you we do not need another one or any of them. They are constantly comparing themselves to minorities or how kind they are to minorities. Beyond vigilante struggles with terrorism; there is nothing to protect us from this lemon; nothing. They are in government, in the military, all over our life, in my partners’ life, and they feel everybody works for them and they are the power. So let the communists debate this all they want; we are interested in the office of hurricane and earthquakes. We need to know how reliable and if they are up to or for this mission. You deserve a major spanking also for allowing this; a failure. Due to this lemon problem, the arrogance, the constant unwanted calls; we do not talk to the Air Force or the Navy any longer. They call people in the most unwanted and condescending ways and try to talk to others who think they are totally insane or a communist; they think this is power. A few of their bad apples and emissaries keep calling and calling; they must go to the same church. As the founder of satellite warfare; commands can be imposed on them without their input by a higher command; they must be tested and must earn their respect. These politicians need to find a new career before they get everybody killed; so this is between us and them now. Who will win and who will be the victor; who will get destroyed? So far so good; except your aim and how you anger this enemy. Therefore, decisive action and disciplinary action will be levied against you based on the degree of resistance we probe for; one more mistake and anymore screwing off and you will face the full force of satellite warfare and the forces of this universe. If that is crazy or untruthful; then you are relief of your duties and not paying attention very well. Do you want to know what is really crazy; it is really crazy when you face a law suit for slander and have to tell this story; now that is crazy and what I have heard is crazy.

I am no longer and beginning the process of severing our relationship. I and Ann must face enormous difficulty, humiliation, media attacks, floods and floods of traitors calling; and they are not the bit scared of consequences or any accountability. We have to live in a bubble now. They are lawless and they expect us to be the target of their loud mouth while they bleed on level 8 and 9 of the satellite warfare program. So I am humiliated by my association with you and kindly ask you remove your lack of warrior from my life and Ann’s; you do not have what it takes to be part of this mission any further. I expected to not find one enemy or traitor among our ranks; it is flooded. I expected them to be all dead. Now I have their leaders telling me they are the FBI and they are doing this to both Ann and I because they wish to share the pain of government service with us. Meanwhile they use terrorism as some proxy or diversion to wage this war and further penalize this nation and our own life. Look at the mess and read what we are complaining about. I have never been so humiliated and so dissatisfied with my security or your office in my life. I expected you to kill every single one or take this battle to this enemy as they impose their will on our life and try to attack us around the clock. How wrong I was. You should read our reports and our biography before you proceed; why are there false arrests, total disaster, a nearly broken marriage, and a female fighting for her life and her husbands’? So it is clear your work is very controversial and not as reliable as you have marketed to the founder of the satellite warfare program. When an enemy points a gun at you; you cut their hand off and make them eat it. If they come to you; you make them go away by bleeding them. Your work is insufficient and a record of this shows you lack killer instinct and a political lip service; no confidence. Do we have to school you on how to fight, kill, or eliminate an enemy? This is how insane you are and how insane this enemy is; now we seek to severe your poor quality and lack of kill. If you cannot meet the quality; then you must obey your superiors; you lack fight and you will get a big fight of your life if you fail to improve. How do I give funeral speeches if your quality and perseverance is so low and so lacking? How do I do PR and retaliate on this threat to the satellite warfare program when the subordinates do not obey orders and must have them imposed on them? Do you have a death wish or are you just an annoying part of this story?

So I am done with this and your office of hurricane and earthquakes. We have more killer instinct in us than you do and you drag your feet while we are lectured to daily about power and how this enemy and this traitor is in total control. I have asked you to remove them so I can give their funeral speech and prepare for my lawsuits and retaliations; you seem not able to be part of this mission and do not want to provide sufficient security for Ann or myself. Even the FBI is attacking us and their leader (Hannity) was bragging about how they are or have shared with us their power and also what they call the pain of service. These traitors actually think they are heroes and they are never the problem. We get lectured about power daily and around the clock so someone is not doing their job and a sufficient one. We are at level 9 now and to say it is time to get rid of people is an understatement. I thought they would understand we will destroy them; but this is not the case because I can still find 1, 2, 10, even 1000 of them among the highest places and the most protected offices. So we know who is not doing their job, dragging their feet and has been a complete and utter disaster in our life. Now I have to do the security for Ann while your office refuses to dish out 100 Katrina’s on this enemy and traitor to let them know; you are our security and have a mission. I do not think your office is a right fit and is cut out for this mission. I ask your resignation because we are at level 9 and only 1 more to go; you have been a thorn in our mission and our biography; unreliable. So thanks to your lack of security and inaction; they are flooding into the FBI and military now in order to prevent retaliation or any prosecution; they use this as a means to block us. Obviously it is working on your office but it is not strong enough to fool us or compel us to let you off; we will wage war using our skills at satellite warfare to destroy your office of hurricane and earthquake; do you wish this or want to declare war on us for the record? We will be forced to because we are in the line of fire and you are ineffective or not up to this mission. I suggest you figure out how to get rid of this problem and place a line of defense at the level 10; similar to the Alamo. You will have two enemies to contend with after level 10 and failure.

This fight is now between your office and my office. Do you wish a war to determine who will win or be victorious on this earth? If so, we are veterans and been there or done that; 1000s of times daily for over twenty years; do you care enough to test this again? The ending will be devastating. Somebody has to tell you or take you out; decisively; lest that be me and my satellite warfare forces. I feel you are not as strong or cut out for this line of work or as a security-protective measure. I am writing you up and will discipline your office if you refuse to provide adequate or remove each and every one of these enemies; if I find one alive or have to complain any further; I will ask for a retaliation by my office and my own personal-most well trusted. Your office will now be at war with my office and we will seek not only your removal; but will expel your hurricane and earthquake duties until a future disclosed time. Your office will have to show compliance, extreme measures, less error, and more fortitude to sit by or fight along with ours. I am ready to give a funeral speech and I am not happy to find out your office is out to lunch, on vacation, or picking your nose while we are attacked and trying to scrape by. It is not only humiliating, it shows the kind of work you do and the total disregard you have for your superiors who will want you dead soon if you do not improve or keep mustering up this enemy. So this is a write up with your office and what we petitioned before; we want this enemy dead at any cost, at any measure, and with instant success. We do not wish to write more letters or have to make one further complaint about the lack of quality or the lack of fight in your office; how we rely on you or must sit here and accept your slow and undetermined work. This is no way to win wars. This is no way to kill traitors or enemies. As everybody can see, it took a lot of strength, effort, and determination to get in that tree; how much effort will it take to fall out of it? We agree with them; we are in this together and will wage war on the office of hurricane and earthquakes; let the games begin and throw the trump cards down when the chips are down. They are conservatives and they are trying to make the nation better as communist spies and a spy ring of terrorists now. They belong in a prison camp naked and duking each other in the butt because none of them understands no thanks you or stays away. Now they feel we are protecting lemons from terrorists and are here to protect them; a grand delusion.

This is no way to perform a rescue. We expected you would keep a 100 per cent kill rate and you are now down to 5% or 10; both Ann and I keep and verify at 45 to 55 per cent yearly. So your office is a ball and chain in this mission and you do not seem to be effective, far reaching, or worth any ounce of weight; now not needed and not trusted. Your office has to improve or we will wage war on you and retaliate with overwhelming force as your commander and who calls the shots for satellite warfare; I regretfully ask you show more quality in your work and less complaints. I expect when we ask you to show us your work; you will produce a row of enemies you have successfully fought off with your life; not an empty pocket and a boat load of empty promises. So we are done with this and your office; we are at level 10 and unless you do a 360; Ann and I will be forced to declare you AWOL. You are not cut out to sit by us or fight along side our satellite warfare structure; we will wage war and impose our will on you for this poor record and lack of fight. We expect you to increase your work load by at least 50 to 75 per cent if you will exceed or catch up to both Ann and Alex; Ann is not a decision maker or a technical guru; so I let her share in the rewards and accolades. I will be accountable for all the decisions I command or ask of you. I will handle the PR and will give the funeral speeches, “Sorry if your little ape got greased; but better your kid than you right you monkey?” We are tired of the calls by this enemy; the toying; and the constant complaints. You either do as expected, do as told, do without hesitation; or this standard will be imposed. I want full scale and justice; to be avenged; not smelling like this enemy. I will see to it you are no longer in the satellite warfare program and expelled from any future missions. We mean business and we have deadlines and standards to meet; do you? It is really simple; you should have exercised caution; wrote down or documented your findings; and made sure someone could follow your footsteps before you did something crazy such as let this enemy in our life and play this game with your command structure. Now someone has to take you out and you are issued a warning to comply and prove these charges are the result of smears, a determined enemy, and improper equipment. We do not need the funky stories about your yeast infection, how you wish to share power, or the insane things I heard from Ann’s workmates such as “leave” or “shut up you are loving life.”

Does it matter who is right and wrong now because we are almost at level 10; the last and final level. Unless this enemy has the trump cards; they face me trumping the office of hurricane and earthquakes. So this stunt by them could be a gimmick and supposed to enhance my PR or introduction. The problem is I every damn blade of grass put back like how it was found and I want my PR to be much better. A funeral speech has been written for this enemy and traitor and the longer I have to wait to give it; the more angry and disappointed I become. The problem is we are at level 10 and only 1 move remains; who has the trump cards and why. If this stunt was supposed to enhance my security; which turned into me rescuing Ann while they claimed they are “minority friendly and the same”; then I am now forced to issue a warning and a future trump. If this enemy is serious and has a trick up their sleeve; now is the time and place. If they fail to trump the office of hurricane and earthquakes; then we or I will. This means the monkey they tried to grease will be calling us, coming to us, threatening us on their behalf, and we will be forced to issue our ultimatum; command expulsion and full retaliation by all means or personnel possible. Next time if they try to grease this monkey and our sworn enemies who have invaded; do it right or don’t do it at all because we get the nasty calls, the total insanity, the broomstick females, and a host of other tricks. So here is the final move; who will trump who? At level 10 and core meltdown; there are three directions and someone has to have all the trump cards or nobody wins. If this enemy has any cards or spirit left; then try not running their mouths and throwing their trump cards down or book out of dodge when the office of hurricane and earthquake faces off and is in a war with satellite warfare forces. Those in between are just a casualty of the situation and collateral damage; it comes down to the trump cards and the winning ones. There is and was mine; a warning issued back in 2006 which was stopped and prevented by Ann who was in serious trouble. Did we manage to fix or temporarily make our life better; most people would say yes. I still hold the trump cards and have not used or will ever use the only life lines I have in this world; why not or why is up to me to decide. Do we see or can we read your books? Then why would your office of hurricane and earthquakes test our patience and resolve? Remember, mortal or not; we are prepared and trained to fight you to the death. No other office on this earth can make that claim or has proven so much so far; the odds are in our favor. If you are the boss as you say, only want to help, and as strong and mean as you keep telling us; then you will know and figure a way out of the tree you are hanging on.

Regardless, even if their life is on the line; even if they are defeated; even if they must surrender; and even if they know what it feels like to be blowing in the wind now; the complaints look the same. Even if the office of hurricane and earthquakes wants them dead; they rack up more complaints and make us complain more. Someone has to take this enemy out and make them pay; who is powerful enough on this earth to do it? Who out there can fight a mortal or immortal? So lets’ begin with a kind and simple letter. I said and it was made clear; every god damn blade of grass has to be put back because their life is on the line. If they do not like it, move or find another country. America is just too perfect and too mean for them. So how they perform and how they put every damn blade of grass back will determine how doomed they are; when it counts and when their life is on the line, they better perform. There is no apology needed and there is no need to sit there and talk to us in order to smooth things over. When your life depends on it, you have to perform. If you do not; then there is no excuse or reason to keep you around or alive. The fact we complain and still complain about the same people, the same problem, and the same mess; just says how much they and their leaders wish to live. Do they want to live or get along with others or are our petitions to the office of hurricane and earthquakes going to do this enemy in for waging war and terrorism? Do they want to roll the dice or take that chance? Then so be it… not everybody in this world wishes to die or get a lecture hourly by some enemy and total disgrace. Then we have to complain around the clock about the same problem, the same people, and the same failure. Raise your hand if you think they deserve to live or if Judgment Day was here; they are not doomed; well, then so is everybody. Is it our fault? Is it our role in life to keep them alive or keep complaining; then do it and hurry up; this is getting old, crusty, and really annoying. There are just too little seats at the table of power and way too many heads that need to roll. So do not bother with the apologies or the summit talks; when your life depends on it, you either performs or not; we had to and we did when put in the same position. Why are the rules different for this enemy and F’er? Is it clearer now who has to take this office of hurricane and earthquakes out or who holds all the trump cards?

I do not know what is wrong with you F'ers. You act as if you are the same as us. You feel the laws do not apply to you but you beat it. You get pissed at us and give an attitude when you are not welcome or violating the law. You think you are God and so smart; but just do not tell you or make you let go, go away, or restore legitimate power. Then you occupy both sides of the right and left; act like labor unions or some religious bartender bastard we enjoy talking to sober; and the truth is you all are total fakes, losers, and the same. All of you are either rapist, weaklings, totally insane, stalkers, incessantly spying on us, think you got us beat in numbers, this is your home, this is your world, and everybody is difficult or not kind to you. Just do not ask you to obey the law or usurp it; you disrupt everything. The misery with you on the right wing, Republican side, and the conservative side is unbelievable. Then your jackass breed acts as if we are liberals, you are super "ultra conservative", and we live in some company town and are not decent employees when your jackass resume cannot even hold your breath. Is there any wonder why you are a mole; the same as the left wing; hate the anti-communist forces; and think you are heroes or somehow enhancing our iffy life? Did it occur to you that you are the problem and we are trying to get rid of problems; not live with it? Then you think America is some life line or escape from reality where you can immigrate to because it used to be the richest and greatest nation; now full of drug dealers, bank robbers, dumbasses, religious molesters, and now utter failures and phonies. Look, your office of hurricane and earthquakes has been unhelpful at every step of the way and we need to know what the limits of this crazed lunatic and liar is. Will they take their life as they bow up and go deeper into insanity or will they turn on their fellow human beings and do something even more insane? To walk around looking or acting normal is totally whacked for such a psychopath. If they go insane, the question is if they will turn on others or take their own life; that is who we are dealing with and what they were up to. I expect them to turn on other humans because they are so stingy with the truth, such a cheapskate, and so quiet with this psychopathic secret war. As the father of satellite warfare; I must seek to take out the office of hurricane and earthquakes before this hits the roof; the trump cards need to fly.

So you tell me what is wrong with your religion before I tell you why you are not conservative, not the same as us, a spy and pest, and not as intelligent or conservative as you keep clamoring about. Look at the log and look at the security breaches; who are in charge and who is accountable but those who are sworn to protect the satellite warfare program, this is a negative mark on their record and their dossier. It can come up in the future and ruin their life, career, and all future missions. This is no circus and some “Howdy Duty Show.” We are at the point of Armageddon and they cannot tell who is right or wrong; no less how to do security? So this is about lemons and jobs; but security was thrown out with all of this terrorism and false heroism. No thank you got thrown away with this liberal and left wing insanity. There must be some new high demand for a crazed loser and lunatic who keeps telling us they are our bosses, trading partners, and some anti-terrorist hero; because the lemon laws should shut them up but now are circumvented and this crazed lunatic rummages through every damn aspect of security, our life, secrets, etc… thank you so much valued office of lemons, hurricanes, and earthquake loser. I pray to God someone wages war on you and makes you scream in pain so we can witness this lemon suffer indelibly for what they have done to this world and our life. How about police yourself and remove yourself, lemon; have you thought about this or considered how selfish and whacked out your lemon laws have become? You need terrorism and that is all you have left in this world to cover up your miserable and SOB life; other than government and terrorism, you are one step from skid row crazed ass boss. Police, try next time to police yourself you lunatic and trash heap of lies you miserable born in America jackass. This miserable SOB and crazed lunatic thinks they are the police and will turn on other humans; it is guaranteed. They are so crazy and near their point of failure; everybody can tell. The question is what they will do when the judgment day arrives; will they kill themselves as expected, some mass burial or kool aid party or will they turn on us and other human beings. All data says they will turn on others and claim they are ready to die or swing on the tree with us. This office of hurricane and earthquakes has not been helpful and has made this psycho and crazed born in America failure more unstable and mission critical. Therefore, I seek war on them and their expulsion before something totally insane happens again; look at the hole in the security.

Did I mention your attitude and how you feel privileged or entitled yet? It is not one or two of you; it is all of you. You think you are God, we are your children, it is about your money, and you have us outnumbered, and wish you dead because you are so insane and a total loser. Now you spy on us, act like our friends and neighbors, and keep pretending as if you are the same or keeping up; there each step of the way to scare the hell out of us. Take a bow you MF and you god damn piece of trash; I am sorry your loved ones got greased by your stupidity or suffer for your lawlessness. But lets see you for who you are; a total freak, nut job, a stalker, a spy, labor union company town, and a curse on America and our life. Did I mention the part where they felt they are powerful or have us outnumbered because they are so good with minorities? I say we teach this F'er some manners and smack the living shit out of them so they learn some manners. Like a stupid cat or dog; some only need a spanking. This creature needs SDI, Satellite Warfare, Special Forces, torture, surveillance, and all kinds of tricks just to get rid of them or teach them some manners. Did I mention the part where they think America is a safe haven for the poor and their entitlement? We are their pets, slaves, and fantasy wallet they need because they are the same! Everything we do they do; just do not try to escape or get rid of them. Now we got problems and a war on our hands. Whoever this F'er in charge is; if they make us complain anymore or add more problems; we are calling the office of hurricane and earthquake and taking our anger on them. We can see how they are very pro-active in getting rid of this enemy and making sure they are destroyed, in pieces, and we do not look like a victim or a bitch. Maybe the people in charge or who keeps saying they are the power needs a trip with destiny by getting clobbered by gale force winds, lightning bolts, and death.

Does this sound like level 10 and mission critical is destined or flawlessly taking effect? Does it sound like results are verifiable and this enemy is so crazed they are now brain dead or about to commit suicide; we blame the office of hurricane and earthquakes. Thank you so much for making us complains about utter failures, total criminals, and some religious pervert and molester. The word is regret; the truth hurts but is not a crime; slander is and so is spying or changing our reality by treating us like children. Now we have to kick the security and make them do things they cannot do very well; accuracy, decisive, flawless; we have to take them out because they are a bad choice for doing our security or merging into our future. This is the lesson they learn for being so kind and so nice to enemies; we do not allow mistakes at this level. You have some balls to create such a security mess in our life and sit there while this enemy knocks on our doors or crank calls us because you did not eliminate them. You screwed up and now are trying to be us or use our life to gain because terror plots failed or were blocked. How tough and how courageous are we talking about; or is it just stupidity? Let me guess, you respect the laws so much you allowed this story to get the way it did and scribble your name all over; now it does not erase and you are panicked? Now your lemon office act like you are on our side, our bosses, and just trying to help and nothing is going on, you are that tough and that strong? Your police and protective services might want to begin policing yourself and stop slandering the satellite warfare program and the founders. You may want to fix it immediately or remove this critical level 10 total lack of security, smart ass. So the lies hide the brain damage; yet that brain damage will impact their ability to work and worse, those who follow them. They are too stingy and selfish for charity, so do not expect a penny from this office of brain damage. One day someone will go back and figure out what we already know.

I am calling the office of hurricane and earthquakes and there is nothing they can do about it; except suffer; we did not invent war and I will see to it that whom did; will know it well. I will see to it they suffer for the remainder of their god given life on this earth. Every single time I open up a textbook; it is a story about land grabs, gold rushes, immigrants driving out Indians, and some labor union story about the poor. America was not founded as a safe haven for the poor or the criminal; no less to allow these religious misfits an opportunity to go bananas in a modern world. Now they think America, us, and all forms of life is their wallet, their slaves, their children, etc... They think they are cool with minorities, got us outnumbered, they are superior, a conspiracy is at work, etc... If they wish to live, if they wish to be respected, and if they wish to survive this; understand they are on level 9; one more floor does not mean it is the finish line; it just means we had to complain for the last 9 levels and still are and am on the last and 10th one. Now what the hell do we do with this MF and god damn piece of F’in junk? Any ideas? I cannot think of a single one but I have to petition for the death penalty; we will await the answer. I hope they are right for their sakes but their neck is on the line and nobody will know either way. All I know is I am not going to miss them and do not want them on planet earth; but I am not God and I am not lawless; I know those who are though. We know they waged war on us. We know they will continue to wage war on us. We know they will never fix or stop; so I do not want to hear it anymore and will seek the death penalty and damages; we do not need negotiations or lectures. If they have a will to live then they better wage war as they have or do something drastic to fix this; it is their life and neck on the line; trust me. I was on my way out of here and seeking a new country; so that was where we were at. I am done with it and did not expect this many and continuous complaints; end this now! If the forces of good do not; I will be their sworn enemy and that is the worst outcome of all; but it already happened mysteriously and with not one witness. At level 10, we must prepare for twenty more years of battle because the standards are not met and the lack of security is not addressed; you do not let enemies live so they can complain or fix the war they wage on you. We did not invent the rules of war but we are forced to win them; I will take out this office of hurricane and earthquakes for the lackluster and disgruntled life they dished out for security vulnerabilities while holding all the trump cards. Next time, you do it right and life will be much easier; but like Ann, it took a lot to fix the damage and the smears; after she did, it was satisfactory and acceptable. This goes on your record and can have severe damage to future missions or your inclusion. Do not believe this office when they play dumb and when they promise to walk away; they lie. They are as crazed and lunatic as a human being can get now and cannot even mow our lawns, trim our hedges, or crank call on a friendly level anymore. We need to know and verify if their combatants are ready to die or are they; deception; to scare us into doing as they demand. We know they are in the tree and stuck; trying to hide or get down and walk away; there is no more eraser on the pencil. It appears to be a crazed lunatic and a coward all in one; a stingy, selfish, and a total liar who rolls over and plays dumb when danger calls.

If you do not care then just say so; the pain and suffering will be much less. If you are in love with this enemy and need them around or to cause so much suspicion towards your office (hurricane and earthquakes); then maybe you are as aimless and dumb as we expect. But if you are not and can keep the marksmanship, the kill ratio, the excellence, and the legendary status you know so well and have sworn to protect; then you should show your superiors more respect and more fight. In or at level 10; there is no way back from hell and there is no way to stop what is inevitable. It is just like war; we are in ferocious battle and these F'ers are standing around joking. Then the planes come in and take out everything and they are complaining or wondering why they waited so long or why they cannot call off the planes. The jackass does not know they should have had this wrapped up decades ago! We are at level 9 now; and they act as if it is no big deal, a walk in the park, and our complaints are how powerful they are. No, how powerful they are is when the hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, blizzards, and force of God arrive and they are no longer around. Now they also have something to complain about and must be against God himself; an attitude and personality disorder. They talk to me the same way they treat and talk to God; this applies for Ann also. They complain all day long and so far; level 9 and not one god damn fix or any blades of grass put back in place. Ask if you were God and you are the force of nature; what evidence is there to keep them alive or around? They are the police and military? Not anymore... just like me, I am retired so I am not anymore either. So ask why I am writing to you and why I have to tell you or show you this? Do you have books or do you read the manual and who wrote it for you? They spy on us and get information from you know who. Also their police refuse to police themselves and we have growing concerns if they can do a sufficient job. This is no boxing match where one fighter checks out the other's ability to punch, duck, take a hit, or endurance. The brain damage this office has must be severe because when you cannot see straight or see properly in a fight; you know the next one will be fatal. If the brain damage to this crazed lunatic turns them into a fighter who has their eyes shut blind; then we know we are doomed and they will throw wild blows and flip over the top rope. So I worry about this office of hurricane and earthquakes and know they cannot take more blows or when they are about to drop; the fact they cannot see anything or see straight is how well they suck. When did they decide to police this up or ever squeeze this lemon?

This enemy and surplus of crazed tree dwellers are not getting better; they are more dangerous now than ever. You face and await the trump cards by the same author and if you do not make this history and problem more acceptable; then maybe you should leave or live in a bubble; war will be waged on you. This is about mission critical and when the chips are down; when this world has reached its edge can go no further; when critical and power has to be tested, verified, and brandished. When the Gods call; let there be light; not a crazed lunatic, some homey yeast infected flea bag, and a gutless lemon in politics. All I got to say is if your head or your chest is the problem because from this viewpoint; your office of lemons, earthquakes, and hurricanes deserve it in both. We want to hear you scream, beg, and act like the serf we know you as; rich, powerful, and bossy junk dealer. Do not forget that when it comes to satellite warfare; the office of hurricanes and earthquakes is nothing but a butt boy and has nothing to offer or no place in this history or story. Someone may have to fix their “mission critical” attitude and squeeze the lemon out of this bitter pill to swallow; we are not their butt boy and never was; they will have to scream in pain and until the ends of this earth arrive to change this. Even the office of hurricane and earthquakes is now a lemon; they think a category 5 or 6 is going to intimidate someone; let me show them my toughness, resolve, courage, and intelligence; then hear them scream about how tough and powerful they are as a miserable SOB in our life. They cannot even pick our trash or spy on us correctly and got busted. This is mission critical and it is between our trump cards and this category 5 office of lemons that lack the security for this mission critical story about their leadership, lemon laws, anti-war and terror plot, or their own careers. I will F7 their F5 and then add an F10 on top if it takes another twenty years to catch them; are they ready to be destroyed as we did to the communist and this terrorist labor union group? The crazed lemon maniac not only does it; they stick around asking if anybody knows they did it. Now the lemon claims to be our boss, kind of minorities, and they are broke or near skid row. This is just one phony or ungrateful boss who likes to hide behind us or lie incessantly to get away in life. How many balls did this office grow and how courageous are they? We need to know how insane this hoe and butt boy truly is; office of hurricane and earthquakes right?

Again, there are some things which money can pay for and some things in life you cannot take away or steal. When the punishment is levied; ask if you can live with the idea everything you have ever worked for and cherished in life; is now gone because the game of power and the high stakes game requires this standard and this realistic approach. If you get caught at that table gambling with the cards of others or toying with a trump card; then the punishment can be an earthquake and a hurricane; why do we have to now kick this collection process into action or force them to get it right? The only people and the only log that should be in the records are the office of hurricane and earthquakes; all other logs, access, illegal spying, and circus; is illegal and punishable by death. What they can do is call this office because we are writing to them and letting them know how short the fuse is now and how little patience remains with their office or lack of security. I am ready when you are ready, pathetic and miserable SOB; bring it on and let the volleys fly, I am ready for anything you got and will better it ten times. Whenever you are ready we will expel and destroy you also for being such a lemon in our life and so annoying. I want to hear you screaming and begging the moment this begins; ready whenever you are miserable SOB. Everybody knows you are a crazed lunatic, a lemon, and you cannot take this. You cannot handle the heat in the kitchen because the fire is in your pants, no thank you and stay the hell away from the satellite warfare history. I want to hear this office of hurricane and earthquakes scream in pain the moment they deliver an F5 because I am going to trump this lemon and boss with an F6; we will see how long and how far they can last. They will be screaming like the lemon and serf they are who is one step from skid row and expulsion; I admit they were vigilante when it came to violence but police they are not; police themselves. We need to know and verify who makes the decisions and who calls the shots when the chips are down and when level 10 arrives in the most critical way; so this office of hurricanes and earthquakes can go home or scream when and if the time arrives. A psychopath at this level and with this determination is as dangerous as the world has ever encountered; they will let go and walk away when their head is throbbing and exploded. Until then, we have to deal with and make drastic changes to this office of hurricane and earthquakes at critical level 10; now a miserable, expendable, and demented SOB waiting for the biggest fall of their life. It is inevitable and the course is already plotted.

Let this be the record and the satellite warfare record; it was stupid to let them take the father of satellite warfare; now they are hunting your office of hurricane and earthquakes; trying to help or get in anyway they can. They are not better and super evil now; trying very hard to act normal or not hide their pain. For us it is our life; it is not their life or fight. So the weeding out process is getting worse now and they are super dangerous. These liberals at the office of hurricane and earthquakes must be thrown out or face expulsion for taking us to this level; now we share this mug shot with them. At level 10 and when the chips are down; talk is cheap and the sight of a lemon is utterly disgusting. Negotiation and working towards a resolution; how about in your head, chest, or in your ass with this; you sound like a drunken miserable molester who cannot stand and have to be carted away. It sounds like this boss is going to really treat this wannabe boss up the way they treat others; but because they are such a lemon and so miserable; they will have a chance to scream, beg, and prove to this world when the chips are down and when the mission is critical; who is the real boss in a world that is increasingly dangerous? Is it a lemon and a phony; or is it some serf who rummages through our life with the most crazed and whacked out comments about what they find or discover? Oh, your office of hurricane and earthquakes can shut the door on your way out and kiss my ass with your miserable SOB come back and insane tricks. The chips are down; are you going to F5 me or act like the butt boy we know you lemons are by walking away? If so, then what are you waiting for; court or some phony police report? So sitting there all day and slandering my total disaster is all you have and what you are offering this world? Your existence and power is only to slander our name, life, and this story by making it a total disaster and asking who the boss is. Lemons laws did not stop you communist and terror plots did not make you whole again; it also sounds like a game and you have not learned your lesson; how miserable your SOB life is or has gotten. Now you took over the office of hurricane and earthquakes and think you are the boss so you can screw up our security and level 10 mission critical essentials? You want to help and you are ready to die right? Now the office of lemons has grown some balls by helping and spying on us 24 hours a day; our boss and trading partners again!

This slander is so blatant and obvious; the punishment is forcefully and criminally being avoided. The satellite warfare program has been designed to include new equipment and books. They have stolen goods. They claim to be trading partners or part of our family; sharing the experience of government service. They claim they are doing a blockade as our bank. They are Jews and Catholics prancing around as the police. They act like serfs and now have to figure out how to get out of the tree or avoid the fines and damages of over twenty years. They claim they are superior. They do not police themselves but claim they are the police and fighting terror. They want to hide the anti-war activism. They claim we need them. They crank call constantly about how we are their children and on their payroll. They want us to share in their insanity, we are in this together. They claim they cannot remove this blockade and do not know what to do; unable to police themselves. The only way we can block, deny, or avoid this slander and defamation is by printing books and utilizing our fiancée or life partner. We designed every aspect of satellite warfare including the uniform, helmet, smart munitions, weapons, new transportation, satellite communications gear, and are certified as the founder and the father of it. The problem is we cannot even get a business loan or any funds; blocked due to slander and a total mess. Now the terror plots are exposed and there is a huge problem with security. So this is a wonderful spy and a terrorist group the Democrats have let loose. They do not obey no thank you, they refuse to stay away, they do not police themselves, they are crazed maniacs, we get death threats daily and crank calls, they keep trying to help and needs brute force to remove them, they claim they want to die, they are total liars, they are always horny, and they try to keep us under the microscope as their prisoner. Now this? Now their next prized fighter is going to go down as a lemon? How about the truth and how it will set them free? There is only two lifelines right now; books and Ann while the communist spies hang in this tree and act like they are big on terror or we need them. There has to be some new demand for crazed lunatics and some brain damaged lemon who will turn on themselves or others; a total mess.

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My name is Alex. I am the father of both cyber and satellite warfare. I was retired from the US Army at a very young age. Life has been grand I think. I love a girl named "GOO" who I have not seen in over 7 years, I hope to find her again one day. My book, which may end up several books is called "Cyber and Satellite Warfare, By Way of Insanity" will be out soon. It is the last book anyone will need to read. They began as military manuals and transgressed to just a good read. I am the real and authentic father of both cyber and satellite warfare and this is as real as it will ever get. What you are reading are only several chosen chapters out of hundreds of chapters. Specifically, this book was written between 1989 and 1998 while in college and while in my mid twenties. I am in my mid 30s now. I am not sure if I will write a biography, I want to wait and include someone in it, it is boring now. CLICK ON FULL PROFILE FOR MORE READING. Right now we are trying to lock them up and issue the death penalty on all of them.


You’re reading a book which has not been printed. It is being written n is D history of the world thru the eyes of the father of... There R over 100 chapters at this time and more than 10 yrs of college research. It is also Pentagon technical manuals which R manuals in “satellite warfare.” It is impossible to post all chpts. They are masterpieces, it will be appropriate to offer a special edition to hand down from family 2 family and let the rest